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© St. Petersburg Times, published November 2, 1998

Fall is finally here! I am sure I now have cursed us to blistering 90 percent humidity between now and Christmas by stating the obvious, but that is why we are all in Florida anyway. I find perverse pleasure in seeing Floridians don sweaters and coats at this time of year while bemused Northerners look on, sweating and wearing shorts.


It is possible this is old news to you but this is the first time I read it (note to self: try to get out a little more). This is the very amusing tale of a young chap who decides to deposit one of those multithousand-dollar junk mail checks we all get from time to time. "Yes!!! (insert your name here) has won $95,093.35!!!" This is a great case of the journey being more fun than the reward.


Love it for bringing simplicity to the Web-obsessed masses or despise it for being an HTML-managing glorified word processor, FrontPage is truly ubiquitous. Any Internet hosting provider that doesn't support it is faced with stagnancy and limited growth. If you are new to FrontPage, this slice of C-Net's Web property will open your eyes to doing whizzy things. Even if you are an old hand at FrontPage, you will learn a thing or two here.


Weird is actually an okay thing in my books. I even have a good friend we all call "Weird Steve." Now strange is something completely different: "What's that strange sound?" before the roof caves in or "these mushrooms taste strange" before the inevitable is, well, strange. So, I'm undecided on the weirdness of this site. It is a cartoon artist's interpretation of users' dreams. It is weird that anybody would want to publicly share personal dreams with the world and strange somebody would take so much time to illustrate them. Weird Steve would never do anything like this, thus proving his okay-ness.


No Site Seeing column feels complete without a pointer to at least one wacko, mad-scientist experiment site. This week's gem goes by the moniker Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen and shows you how you can make raisins dance, create secret message eggs, a cosmic ray detector and an electric lemon. A Thanksgiving shoe-in to keep bored, sugar-wired kids occupied while tryptophan-sodden adults collapse in Lazy Boys to watch football.

* * *

An address in last week's Site Seeing column about Internet conditions apparently changed between the time I wrote the column and editors double-checked it. The correct address (as of this is written) is http://www.noc.ucla.edu-networking-weather.html. Sorry if there was any confusion.

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