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The Robot Club

Company: Southpeak Interactive


© St. Petersburg Times, published November 23, 1998

The Robot Club seemed simple enough at first glance: Build a robot, program the machine, accomplish missions.

But it received an interesting endorsement from my 13-year-old son: "It's a brain-buster."'

Players build the robots from parts at each level, which also include the various commands. But players have to put the parts in the right places and understand how the commands will affect the machine as it attempts tasks, which start with basic tasks such as going to a flag, or going to a flag and back, etc. Naturally, it starts easy and gets more difficult as one moves up the 31 levels of the game.

Tasks are timed with an energy bar. There is no penalty if a robot runs out of energy; the player can start over, reprogram and try again.

Part of the charm of the game are videos of members of "The Robot Club," who encourage and guide players at each level. Once all missions are accomplished, the player becomes an official member of the club.

But as long as my son is busting his brain, I suspect it will be a while before he becomes a member.

Company: Southpeak Interactive

Suggested Price: $29.95

System Requirements: Windows 95/98; Pentium, 75 MHz or faster; 16 MB RAM; SVGA graphics; 2X CD-ROM (4X recommended); Windows-compatible sound card.

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