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A couple of programs from Patch Products (www.patchproducts.com) give kids a choice of arcade action or putting the brain in gear.

Play This, Play That's selection of six games ranges from air hockey, skeet shooting and Saloon Shootout to Walk the Plank, a word game based on hangman that can be a challenge, a match game and Odd Man Out, a computer version of the peg game you sometimes find in restaurants. Of this collection, my son liked the air hockey, and I enjoyed Walk the Plank.

Kuba seems simple enough: Push more marbles off the board than your opponent (Internet play is available, as well as play against the computer). But it is more challenging than meets the eye, and you can find yourself spending more time trying to figure out strategies than you expect. At least I did. My son gave up.

The programs work for both PC and Macs.

* * *

You Don't Know Jack the Ride picks up where the last version of Berkeley Systems' popular trivia game left off: Same basic game-show format, with a few new twists and challenges.

Games follow a theme, such as politics, depending on the answer a player gives to an introductory question. The game seems faster-paced than its predecessors, and the Road Kill challenge questions were a hit.

Again, this game is not for the faint-hearted or young players. Those easily offended should pass.
-- Dave Gussow, technology editor

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