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Software review: My Disney Kitchen

My Disney Kitchen


© St. Petersburg Times, published December 7, 1998

I'll be honest. I was expecting bells and whistles when I picked up My Disney Kitchen. Love 'em or hate 'em, Disney has fashioned itself as a company that is daring, imaginative, ahead-of-the-curve. And Disney is banking that such mystique will be just the formula to prod you into bringing this title home to your kids.

But is it worth it? Does My Disney Kitchen measure up to other entertainment CDs produced for children today? The answer depends on point of view. If you're expecting the high-end graphics, engaging story line and creative energy Disney hopes you associate with its reputation, you will be disappointed. This CD is average at best. There are no surprises. No magical programing flourishes that make you pause to say bravo.

What this CD does, though, is give your children a chance to feel they're cooking. With a fully stocked kitchen at their disposal, they can prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner for Mickey and Minnie. There is chicken to bake, bacon to fry, popcorn to pop and ice cream to blend into milk shakes. You can burn your food if you're not careful, and the CD contains real recipes that can be printed and tried at home.

There is a good chance your children will enjoy My Disney Kitchen. My 4-year-old saw his mother baking a cake recently and remarked that he had made one on the computer, with "sprinkles on top." I guess the only disappointment was with his parent, who was expecting a bit more.
-- Sebastian Dortch, Times staff writer

My Disney Kitchen

Company: Disney Interactive

Suggested price: $29.99

Ages: 3 to 7

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