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Software review: Rockett series

The Rockett Series of games


© St. Petersburg Times, published December 7, 1998

Since Purple Moon came on the scene about a year ago with video games for girls ages 8 to 12, the series has improved tremendously. Purple Moon (www.purple-moon.com) has toned down the Valley Girl talk, added more interesting plot twists and stopped trying to be so totally cool.

The result is more engaging computer play that had my daughter and her friends entranced.

The original Rockett series, starring Rockett Movado and her politically correct polygot of friends, has been expanded. Now girls can work their way through Rockett's Tricky Decision, as well as her Secret Invitation.

Each game has about 50 possible plot twists, as girls face school-life dilemmas. Two kids are throwing parties -- will you be invited by the geeks or the cool kids? You get a secret invitation to a private meeting with a very special group of girls -- should you go?

Players can find secret stuff in hidden hallways and poke through lockers for clues. If she is lucky, a player might find the truth glasses: Put them on and you can hear what people are secretly thinking. Maybe not such a great idea.

You might want to warn your daughter about sneaking into the teachers' lounge, which Rockett and pals do in the Tricky Decision game. They don't keep that pot of boiling oil in there for nothing.

The second Purple Moon series appeals to young girls' penchant for fantasy. Enough of the brutal social cliques -- the Secret Path series lets them trip through lush forests and deep sea, collecting precious stones. Find all the stones, make them into a necklace and you've solved a big emotional crisis for one of the game's characters.

The adventure series is challenging enough to hold interest, but not so hard that first-timers give up in disgust.

The Rockett Series of games

Company: Purple Moon

Suggested price: $29.95 each

Ages: 8-12

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