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Problems booting up? Watch it step by step


© St. Petersburg Times, published December 21, 1998

Q. My computer takes about 10 minutes to boot up. I am not sure what I did, but this problem has been with me since I loaded a program and then deleted it.

A. Without any other messages, I can't tell for sure. I suspect that it will be a Windows device driver that is having problems initializing. Try this to see if you can get some more information: At boot time, when the Starting Windows 95 message appears, press the F8 key and select option 5: Step-by-Step Confirmation. Observe each step -- and if you are still not able to pin it down, check the Bootlog.txt file that was created during the boot.

Q. Just before the desktop comes up on Windows 95 this message appears: "There is not enough memory to load the registry or the registry is corrupted. Some devices may not work properly."

A. This error message usually is indicative of a damaged registry. The safe method for correcting this problem is too lengthy to describe in this column. You may want to check out this Microsoft knowledgebase article at: support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q131/4/31.asp?FR=0. Reinstalling Windows95 also should correct this problem.

Q. Every time the phone rings, my computer kicks on from a sleep mode.

A. The Power Management feature configured through the PCs CMOS settings is set to "wake up" on modem activity. Check to see whether there is a specific setting that turns off the "wake on modem activity" feature, or turn off the Auto Answer mode on the modem (Control Panel, Modems).

Q. I write regarding a recurring error message I receive when I attempt to print my color graphics: "Scandisk found 151,552 bytes of data on Drive C that might be one or more lost files or directories, but which is probably taking up space." I usually respond by clicking on "Save." After several successive percentage flashbars on the screen, it goes back to normal and my color graphics are printed.

A. The first step in trying to solve problems that arise when printing is to make sure you have the latest print drivers. However, the All-In-One OfficeJet models, such as the one you said you used, require drivers that are too voluminous to download from HP's Web site -- you will need to call the HP Customer Support Center at (208) 323-2551 and request the replacement software for your OfficeJet model if they determine that your current drivers are out of date.

Q. I read your response to a question on how to get rid of unwanted programs and did some checking on my computer to see what kind of results I would have. I have a new Gateway 350 MHz PC. Your answer was to install "professional" software that has an uninstall program built in. In my computer, only my Internet software (Netscape, Adobe Acrobat, Real Time Player, Tool/vox, etc.), WinZip, HP Laser printer and McAfeeVirus scan have uninstall programs. None of my Microsoft software, which includes Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, Binder, Outlook and Power Point, has uninstall programs. Neither do the new versions of Lotus and Word Perfect that I have installed. I seem to remember that older versions of Lotus had uninstall software. Do some of these programs have uninstall capabilities in the setup software or are we just stuck with what we load?

A. Microsoft uses the same SETUP.EXE program to also accomplish the uninstall options. I would suspect that Lotus and Word Perfect do the same. Another place to check is the "Add/Remove Programs" selection in the Control Panel.

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