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A few keystrokes should clear up your Outlook


© St. Petersburg Times, published August 31, 1998

Q. Since I installed Microsoft Office 97 on my PC, I've been having a problem when I open Microsoft Outlook. It gives me a message: The add-in C:\Program files\Netmeeting\nmexchex.dll could not be installed or loaded. Unable to load C:\program files\Netmeeting\nmexchex.dll. You may be out of memory, out of system resources, or missing a dll.file. When I click on OK, Microsoft Outlook opens.

A. This can occur if you remove NetMeeting and then reinstall NetMeeting to a folder other than where you originally installed it. Follow these steps:

1. On the File menu, click Exit and Logoff.

2. Click the Start button, point to Find and click Files or Folders.

3. In the Named box, type "extend.dat" (without quotation marks) and ensure that the Look in box is set to the drive where Windows is installed and click Find Now.

4. In the list of files, right-click extend.dat and click Rename on the shortcut menu. Rename the file to extend.dat.old and press ENTER.

5. Restart Outlook.

* * *

Q. I installed a Seagate 3.1-gigabyte hard drive on my 486 system with Windows 95. The installation software indicated that my system could not recognize the size of the hard drive and would make adjustments accordingly. When I reboot, the following happens: Seagate Tech's Dynamic Drive Overlay v9 is loaded, then autoexec. When Windows starts, I get this message: The MicroHouse 32-bit disk driver (MH32BIT.386) cannot be loaded. There is unrecognizable disk software installed on the computer. The address that MS-DOS uses to communicate with the hard disk has been changed. Some software, such as disk caching software, changes this address. If you aren't running such software, you should run a virus detection to make sure there are no viruses. To continue starting Windows without using the 32-bit disk driver, press any key. Everything seems to operate properly.

A. All you need to do is disable the line that loads the Mh32bit.386 device driver in the System.ini file. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Use any text editor (such as Notepad) to open the System.ini file in the Windows folder.

2. Locate the line that loads the Mh32bit.386 device driver.

3. Place a semicolon at the beginning of the line.

4. Save and then close the System.ini file.

5. Using the Ez.exe program by MicroHouse, disable the Floppy Boot Protection option.

6. Restart Windows 95.

* * *

Q. I installed a second modem on my Packard Bell Platinum XI computer and now I get an error message every time I try to start the computer. Static Device Resource Conflict Press F1 for setup, Esc to boot. When I press F1, I go to the CMOS setup menu, and I cannot see any conflicts. When I press Esc, the boot process continues normally, and the computer runs just fine.

A. This happens only on Plug and Play systems. Resources may mean IRQ, DMA, I/O address, etc. If you encounter this, check the on-board resources and all the installed add-on cards for conflicts. Some other things to try:

-- Some people have fixed this problem by holding down Insert while powering on the system. This clears the NVRAM on the Pentium chipsets (always write down the CMOS settings, found in the BIOS SETUP utility, before clearing NVRAM).

-- Check with the motherboard manufacturer to see if a newer BIOS is available.

-- If your CMOS has a Plug-n-Play OS option, toggle its current setting.

* * *

Q. When turning on my computer, I get the following message:

System Bios shadowed

Video Bios shadowed

Invalid System Configuration Data run configuration utility Fixed Disk 0:ST51080A

CD-ROM found

Mouse initialized

Press F1 to resume F2 to setup

When I hit F1, Windows 95 begins normally. When I hit F2, I'm taken to a setup screen that I do not understand.

A. You may just need to set the NVRAM with the current BIOS settings. When you press F2, you are taken to the setup screen where these settings are made. Look for an option to the effect of: Save Settings and Exit (F10 on some systems).

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