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Readers stand up for Apple and the iMac

© St. Petersburg Times, published August 31, 1998

From Tech Times mail (snail, voice or e-, as the case may be):

Several of the Mac faithful quickly responded to recent coverage of the new iMac:

The lead on the cover and the title of the article (Aug. 10) were misleading. The reference of the "step back for Apple" implied that they were not making a good move.

Why does Business Times and Tech Times seem to go out of the way to belittle Apple Computer?

The cover headline said: "The iMac review is in; It's not perfect -- but it's a step back for Apple." The headline inside said: "iMac a (very) small step back for Apple Computer; The beleaguered company's effort to re-enter the consumer market is a bold change -- but it won't save the company on its own."

I confess that I didn't interpret the headlines the same way as our unhappy reader, although, in retrospect, we probably could have been more clear.

Use of "beleaguered" in the subheadline also touched a nerve with the second writer, who pointed out Apple's three straight profitable quarters. Apple's recent performance has indeed been upbeat, and maybe we should have left "beleaguered" out.

I don't think we "belittle" Apple, and in fact we have worked hard to keep a Mac presence in the section.

I think your little comparison shopping inset chart (Aug. 18) on the iMac was a little misleading. The Compaq 300 MHz PC is not even in the same category of the iMac. I suggest you read up on the processor specs before comparing Apples to Lemons.

The reader referred me to an Apple Computer news release (http://www.apple.com); I referred him to a June 3 PC Magazine test (http://www.pcmag.com) of Apple's ad claims on its G3 processor speed. Part of the magazine's conclusions said "the G3's performance may or may not be faster than that of comparable Wintel platforms. It all depends upon the application and function." The reader preferred the news release information; I think the chart was okay.

Your article about the Suncoast Free-Net (July 27) has me ready to pull my hair out.

Whoa! Hold on to your hair! The frustrated reader had tried for two days to sign up by computer. We had directed readers to the place to go, by modem, for that information. Step-by-step directions were there, but she couldn't get that far and wanted it in the paper. Libraries are there for a reason, and checking with one first when you had problems probably would have saved you time and a hassle.

Just how does someone land a cushy gig like writing about computers and the Internet? Some guys have all the luck, I suppose.

Shhhh. The boss thinks it's a salt mine ...

-- Readers can send questions, comments and suggestions to techtimes@sptimes.com, or to P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg, FL 33731. Comments may be edited and paraphrased for clarity and length.

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