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Looking directly into the 'Eye of the Storm'


© St. Petersburg Times, published September 14, 1998

The weather can make life interesting this time of year, and now students and teachers from elementary school to high school can learn more about hurricanes through a special called "Eye of the Storm." Sponsored by GTE, NASA and the Discovery Channel School, the four-week program that starts Sept. 25 features videos (including flights through the eye of a hurricane) available by satellite, as well as Web-based curriculum and access to experts such as Jerry Jarrell, director of the National Hurricane Center in Miami. For information, check out www.discoveryschool.com.

* * *

Speaking of weather, the Times provides a special service that makes more weather information available to the area, if you have the right radio and computer equipment. We rebroadcast the Emergency Managers Weather Information Network from a satellite signal that is then transmitted on a special radio frequency loaned to us by the Florida National Guard. Watches and warnings get priority and are received in seconds from National Weather Service offices throughout the United States. A Central Florida radar image and a Florida lightning detection map are available by computer. To see what kind of equipment and software are required, check the Tech Times Web site, www.sptimes.com/Technology.html.

* * *

The Tampa Bay Partnership has redesigned its Web site at www.TampaBay.org. The site offers an overview of the area, community bulletin boards, news, market links, a directory of manufacturers and a look at high tech in the bay area.

* * *

It's time for more reader participation. I am looking for bay area companies that will have booths at Las Vegas' Fall Comdex in November. The emphasis here is on bay area companies, not regional or national companies with offices here. If your company will have a booth at Comdex, please send e-mail to techtimes@sptimes.com. Also, please let me know if your computer user group or club will be sending a contingent to the event.

* * *

Continuing in the interactive mode, I'd also like to hear from people who do a lot of business travel. What kind of gadgets help you on the road? How do you stay in touch with family? Again, send e-mail to techtimes@sptimes.com.

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