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Gateway modem will need special upgrade


© St. Petersburg Times, published September 21, 1998

A. According to Gateway, its 3Com/US Robotics brand modems are not the same as the retail modems sold directly by 3Com. Using the download software from the 3Com/US Robotics Web site will not let your modem operate in V.90 mode, may cause unexpected results and might even disable it. Gateway will commit only to "soon" as to when the flash upgrade will be available. It just released the upgrade for its PCMCIA modems and I suspect that "soon" means a couple of weeks.

Q. When my hard drive failed, it was replaced, under warranty, by a computer specialist. It was my responsibility to reload the software. Using the restore software from the computer manufacturer, I supposedly returned the software to its original configuration. Most programs seem to work fine. However, when I went to set up a new profile in HyperTerminal, I discovered that the required country code box was blank. The country-code pulldown menu was blank and would not allow me to type in a country code. After a great deal of playing around, I finally located a way to bypass the area and country codes and set up a HyperTerminal profile for a local number.

A. This problem can occur if one of the Windows 95 Telephony Application Programming Interface files or one of the files for the program you are using has been damaged. To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

1. Rename the following files in the Windows\System folder:





2. Extract the Tapi.dll, Tapi32.dll, Tapiaddr.dll and Tapiexe.exe files from the Win95_11.cab cabinet file on the Windows 95 CD-ROM (extract d:\Win95_11.cab Tapi.dll /l c:\windows\system)

3. Delete the Telephon.ini file in the Windows folder.

4. Click the Start button, and then click Run.

5. In the Open box, type "tapiini.exe" (without quotations marks), and then click OK.

If the steps above do not solve the problem, you may be able to resolve the problem by following these steps:

1. Rename the Hypertrm.exe file in the Program Files\Accessories\HyperTerminal folder.

2. Extract a new copy of the Hypertrm.exe file from your original Windows 95 disks or CD-ROM to the Program Files\Accessories\HyperTerminal folder.

Q. When I first connected to the Internet, I tried doing something offline. Now I can't get rid of the 'Navigation canceled' message that appears every time I connect to Internet Explorer.

A. Try this: Through the Internet Explorer menu bar, View, Internet Options, General tab, click the "Use Blank" button under the Home page options.

Q. My computer, which has Windows 3.1 and Excel 4.0, gave me this message when I tried to load Excel: Excel caused a general protection fault in module Excel.exe at 0015:0B77. I reloaded Excel and Windows and still have the problem.

A. Either something you recently loaded put an incompatible DLL on your system or one of the existing files is corrupt. Try uninstalling Excel (and removing the files), then reinstalling it.

Q. I installed Internet Explorer 4.0 over 3.0 with no problems, but there are a lot of things stored to back up the uninstall process if it becomes necessary. That would be the case if I had to reload Windows 95B. Now Microsoft has a patch for Outlook Express that requires an upgrade of IE to 4.01 before it can be applied. I'm not certain which is the best way to approach this.

A. I recommend that you install the 4.01 over the existing 4.0 Internet Explorer. I have done this many times, and it is quick and painless.

Q. I have Internet Explorer 4.0 installed. If I want to install 4.01, will it install over 4.0 or does 4.0 have to be uninstalled first?

A. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 will install on top of version 4.0 without any uninstall actions necessary.

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