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June 18, 2001
Game reviews

Game review: Tropico
Video drivers may be causing mouse to freeze
Conker plays well in spite of its bad habits

June 11, 2001
Summer Tech Guide
Site Seeing

Helping Internet Explorer forget remembered URLs

June 4, 2001
Setting sail safely
Summer technology digest

HP keyboard, Win98 SE not getting along
Tampa Bay area computer clubs
Site Seeing
Technology review

May 28, 2001

No Technology section

May 21, 2001
Clearwater site takes aim at digital cameras

Technology reviews
Site seeing
Video games

May 14, 2001
Special privacy series
Video Game reviews

Technology reviews
Start menu stopped by missing files
Site Seeing

May 7, 2001

Printing e-mails without the addresses
Site Seeing

April 30, 2001
Bad calls
Restoring deleted system fonts

Video Game Reviews
Review: America
Site Seeing

April 23, 2001
Moving to a new Office
Site Seeing

Video game reviews
Video drivers causing display quirk

April 16, 2001
10 Great Uses for the Web
Degaussing may halt shrinking screen

Site Seeing
Tech Talk

April 9, 2001
From free to fee
Now charging...

Video Game Reviews
Random access memory not limited to 128MB
Site Seeing
Tech Talk

April 2, 2001
The rising din of cel phones
Video game reviews
Return receipts may require software upgrade
Site Seeing

March 26, 2001
Tech Talk

Site Seeing
Getting Outlook Express to print again

March 19, 2001
10 Best Uses for the Web

Flat-panel monitor: a feast for the eyes
Adding a CD-RW drive to the ‘Send to’ menu

Video Game Reviews
Site Seeing

March 12, 2001
Mentoring tomorrow
Dreamcast: The dream system lives on

Default drivers need to be replaced
Site Seeing
Tech talk

March 5, 2001
Spam: more than an annoyance
Canning the spam

MP3 is here to stay
Getting music into your PC

Video Game reviews
Site Seeing

Feb. 26, 2001
Getting connected
Apple hopes new consumer Macs boost sagging sales

Video Game reviews
Disk controller conflict delays startup
Site Seeing

Feb. 19, 2001
Pixel power
Digital dreams
Video game reviews

Loading the best system on your PC
Site Seeing

Feb. 12, 2001
Handheld Web
Wireless message, e-mail show promise

Video game reviews
Descrambling your e-mail replies
Site seeing

Feb. 5, 2001
PS2: The battle heats up
Missing file thwarting outgoing e-mail

Site Seeing
Video Game Reviews
Tech Talk

Jan. 29, 2001
A new way to do Windows
Video game reviews

Restoring a missing taskbar speaker icon
Site Seeing

Jan. 22, 2001
Digital dial
Organizing items in the Programs menu

Video Games
Site Seeing
Tech Talk

Jan. 15, 2001
Life after PC?
Gadgets to look forward to

Video game reviews
Bringing back a missing Send button
Site Seeing

Jan. 8, 2001
When old is new
Tips for buying a used computer

Video game reviews
Message signals virus infection
Site Seeing

Jan. 1, 2001
Word Wide Web
Video game reviews

Toolbox software causing freezes
Site Seeing

Dec. 25, 2000
No Tech Times today due to Christmas holiday

Dec. 18, 2000
Shopping hits and misses - online and off
Video game reviews

Device drivers causing stack problem
Site Seeing
Tech Talk

Dec. 11, 2000
Fun and learning
Games and more for hire

Video Game Reviews
The danger of opening e-mail attachments
Site Seeing
Tech Talk

Dec. 4, 2000
Gaming gifts
Quicken, Money battle means payoff for users

Software to put to work
Gift sampler for video game consoles
Background program blocks shutdown
Site Seeing

Nov. 27, 2000
Holiday gadget guide
Removing the last of the desktop icons

Site Seeing
Video Game Reviews

Nov. 20, 2000
Easing the move to a new computer
Video game reviews

Site seeing
Tech Talk

Nov. 13, 2000 (Computer buying guide)
Buying a PC

Cutting through the confusion
Apple offers sweet discounts, upgrades
Meet the Macs
Stylish Cube marred by price tag
Laptops traveling new roads
Tips for heading off PC headaches
Add-ons to consider
What's inside your PC
Tech Talk
Site Seeing
Alternatives to a PC

Nov. 6, 2000
A better AOL

Video game reviews
Difference between harmless, nosy cookies
Site Seeing

Oct. 30, 2000
Music to Burn
From online to CD in minutes

Video Game Reviews
Tips for reformatting a hard drive
Site Seeing

Oct. 23, 2000
Game time
Site Seeing

Removing a toolbar icon in Word

Oct. 16, 2000
Video Game Reviews

Internet streaming and what it means
Site Seeing

Oct. 9, 2000
Hackers at the gate
Shoring up your defenses

Video Game Reviews
Site Seeing
Proper way to uninstall a program
Free Internet class offered by newspaper

Oct. 2, 2000
Mac OS overhaul
Mac's new look

Video Game Reviews
Stopping programs that launch at startup
Site Seeing

Sept. 25, 2000
Computer 101
Disabling cookies won't stop pop-up ads

Video Game Reviews
Site Seeing

Sept. 18, 2000
High school high tech
For teen entrepreneurs, work is more than play

Video game review
Site Seeing
Security setting prevents Web page from loading

Sept. 11, 2000
Microsoft's new millennium
Site Seeing

Cache and how does it works
Video game reviews

Aug. 28, 2000
Full speed ahead
A long road to high-speed access

Moving into the fast lane
Video Game Reviews
Is Windows 98 upgrade worthwhile?
Site seeing
Tech Talk

Aug. 21, 2000
Paper better than handheld for jotting down notes
Tech Talk

Site seeing
Video game reviews
Registry holds solution to misspelled name

Aug. 14, 2000
Computer clubs scramble to hang onto members
Video game reviews

Disabling features may end errors
Site seeing

Aug. 7, 2000
Virtually wireless
Virtually useless

Video game reviews
Site seeing
Incomplete installation causing problem

July 31, 2000
Family links
Mystery, scandal and discovery online

Software can help you keep track of family
Roots on the Web
Video game reviews
CleanSweep may have deleted Word file
Site seeing

July 24, 2000
Art online

Other programs can conflict with defrag
Video game reviews
Arts Center's Web site to debut in fall

July 17, 2000
Cable TV hopes to wire home phones
Site seeing

Solutions: Troubleshooting errors at shutdown

July 10, 2000
Web sites you like


July 3, 2000
Trouble doesn't end when virus is gone

Software reviews
Game reviews

June 26, 2000
Home network takes off with AirPort

Rough and tumble venture into AnyPoint
Wired network can be faster, but more work

Game reviews
Software reviews
Site seeing
Declining assistance from Word

June 19, 2000
High-tech helping hand
Site seeing

Software reviews
Video games

June 12, 2000
Keeping kids safe online

More sites for kids
Online to laugh, to chat, but not to buy
Have a favorite Web site?
Site seeiinterang
What's on tap for players
New game consoles: Online will be where it's at

June 5, 2000
Keeping an ear on the weather

Site seeing
Video games: Silent Bomber
Latest items on eBay: seized loot

May 22, 2000
Surfing for snacks
You've got posthumous mail

Site seeing
Video games

May 15, 2000
House calls

Software game review

Two options for Works 2000 error

May 8, 2000
A fistful of handhelds
Finding the perfect ring for a cell phone

Setting the radio toolbar in IE5
Game reviews

May 1, 2000
Disappearing ink
Faster, but not necessarily better

Site seeing
Game review
Video games
There's something killing the Sims

April 24, 2000
Calling all computers
Ways to call

Videophone: Always in the wings
Site seeing
Video game reviews
Technology Fast 50 deadline is May 15

April 17, 2000
A new spin on channel surfing
Tallying WebTV costs

Site seeing
How to maintain peak performance
Game reviews
Netscape ups ante with new browser

April 10, 2000
Clearing the picture on digital TV
Some e-mailers prefer flying blind

Site seeing
Video game reviews

April 3, 2000
The Linux challenge
Other Linux vendors
Linux? Not for AOL users
Site seeing

Game reviews
CD players that don't hop, skip or jump
Some e-mailers prefer flying blind
Pen-size scanners built for the road

March 27, 2000
Cell-phone silliness
Too distracting?

Game reviews
Napster has music industry all shook up
Site seeing

March 20, 2000
When home becomes office

From licks to clicks
Kids online often lack parental guidance, survey shows
Dial-up setup led to error message
Site seeing
Game reviews
Online auto shopping stumbles, magazine says

March 13, 2000
I came, I saw, iMovie
Video alternatives for old equipment

Photos to go
Site seeing

March 6, 2000
The next big game

Site seeing
Game reviews

Feb. 28, 2000
Building the 'Bot
Surfing for nothing

Site seeing
Game reviews

Feb. 21, 2000
Connecting Tampa Bay area at Web speed

Site seeing
Game reviews

Feb. 14, 2000
Easy reading
Making e-books easier to enjoy

Industrial-strength Windows upgrades to 2000
Site seeing
Quake III Arena review
Game reviews

Feb. 7, 2000
Desktop to doorstep
Printing no matter where you are
Bringing the goods home
Fast-growing computer shop closes its doors for good
Site seeing
Software review
Game reviews

Jan. 31, 2000
Digital road show
Your car radio may be revealing your tastes
Game reviews
Site seeing

Jan. 24, 2000
Homework helpers
Site seeing
Game reviews
Start-up hopes to chip away at mobile PC market
On the Net, curiosity has a price: registration

Jan. 17, 2000
Speak up
Cell phone creator looks to future
Site seeing
Schools help budding game designers, animators polish craft
Software reviews

Jan. 10, 2000
Internet shorthand packed with meaning
Primer on Internet shorthand

A guide to 21st century jargon
Game reviews
Site seeing
Microsoft stumbles in handheld market

Jan. 3, 2000
Today's tomorrow

Paul Horn: A look into the future
Looking ahead
Site seeing
Software review
Game reviews
Games put you in the action
Windows 2000 unveiling planned
Turk becomes unexpected cybercelebrity

Dec. 20, 1999
Sneak attack

Last-minute Y2K preparations
Software reviews
Site seeing
Digital video poised to leap to silver screen
Game reviews

Dec. 13, 1999

Making online shopping as easy as 1 2 3
Site seeing
Saving your e-mail attachments
Software reviews
Game reviews

Dec. 6, 1999
Point and click TV

Caution can help secure your cable modem
Game review
Site seeing

Ratings help gift-givers pick age-appropriate games

Nov. 29, 1999
Toy Story 2, the Action Game
Software reviews
Removing old letters from Works menu
Stocking stuffers for gamers

Nov. 22, 1999
Empowered online
Diversity on the Web

Site seeing
Game review
Overuse may cause more pain than carpal tunnel syndrome
Some hotels charging fees to guests who tie up phone lines surfing

Nov. 15, 1999
Welcome to the computer buyer's guide

More power, less money
Which PC to buy is no longer black and white
Making a case for the Mac
What to look for in a Mac
Where to buy?
Trading power for portability
Doing your homework helps avoid headaches
Diligence makes rebates pay
The eyes have it when picking a monitor
What happens when something goes wrong?
With speed comes cost
PCs are teeming with parts, jargon
Site seeing

Nov. 8, 1999
Instant irritations

Christian game pits angels against demons on the desktop
Changing a Works file into an Excel one
Site seeing
Game review

Nov. 1, 1999
AOL, Internet growth and the Yankees

Snare tactics
Site seeing
Game reviews
Getting rid of old Favorites

Oct. 25, 1999
Y2K fears replaced by hype

Site seeing
Game reviews
Device driver may be start-up problem

Oct. 18, 1999
Worlds still to conquer

Site seeing
Boot-up problems keeps printer from printing
Software reviews

Oct. 11, 1999
Creating more than a buzz for BrainBuzz.com

One-stop hijack
Update changed the way programs list

Oct. 4, 1999
What do the experts use?

Where the Bucs start
In search of . . .
What software will run on Windows 2000?
Site seeing

Sept. 27, 1999
Outdated as the mainframes they program?

Site seeing
Stop squinting: Make icon labels larger
Madden NFL 200 vs. NFL GameDay 2000

Sept. 20, 1999
Casting the Net for a new car

Automotive web sites
Site seeing
Software reviews
Speeding slow-closing Word files

Sept. 13, 1999
A new page for electronic books
.High-speed surfing and other letters
Where no beep had gone before
The sound and the fury
Comparing football games
Dreamcast sneak peek
Site seein
Fixing registry errors in Word

Aug. 30, 1999
Cheap PCs

A Windows machine in iMac clothing
Site seeing
''Autopreview'' isn't risky to use in Outlook
Games review

Aug. 23, 1999
Blah, blah, blah
Parental involvement is key

Game reviews
Resurrecting a balky screen saver

Aug. 16, 1999
Divided over Disks

E-mail with confusion attached
In e-mail, there are many ways to say goodbye
DVD Anywhere

Aug. 9, 1999
Sites & sounds

The music plays on -- over the Net
Web Radio sampler
Local stations on the Web
Site seeing
Keeping accurate time with your PC

Aug. 2, 1999
Coming to a home theater near you
Site seeing

ScanDisk summaries can be printed

July 26, 1999
The Price of Speed
'Bad sectors' on a hard drive explained

Site seeing
Sega's new system plays like a dream

July 19, 1999

Cookies hold helpful Web information

July 12, 1999
Portal, plain and simple
Win95 Power Toys trouble in Win98
Site seeing
Readers write to complain
Software reviews

July 5, 1999
High on old tech
System.ini is looking for missing files
The shame of it all
AOL, Kodak introduce online photos
Software review: The Magic School Bus Explores the World of Animals

June 28, 1999
Scanning basics
Is it safe to edit the autoexec.bat file?
Site Seeing

June 21, 1999
High-Tech @ Home
Tomorrow's kitchen: Cooking up food and information
Used software, hackers and other e-mail
Accessing the Web through AOL

June 14, 1999
Games heat up for the summer
Adventures in other worlds
Team on quest through Web, history
Information, entertainment at your fingertips
Stopping FastFind from automatically running

June 7, 1999
Eyes on the storm

Advanced radar and other technologies are helping forecasters anticipate storms so warnings can be sent out faster.

Weather gadgets

Weather Web sites
Protecting against summer storms
Wrong driver won't let CD-ROM autoplay work
Super Smash Brothers

May 31, 1999
No Tech Times section this week

May 24, 1999
Tools of the trade

Bay area big shots talk about the gadgets that help them keep up with business.


Other programs shouldn't stop ScanDisk

May 17, 1999
Secondhand Software
Virus scan could be slowing your PC
Site seeing

May 10, 1999
Sega's lucky number and other developments
WordPad can add words to balky dictionary
Site seeing
Repair or replace?
Tai Fu

May 3, 1999
Getting Y2K Ready
Not all drives support multi-session CD-ROMs
Site seeing

April 26, 1999
Web of Deceit
Scams hit bay area residents
Turning off the Networking password
Site seeing
Sega's lucky number and other developments
Baseball season opens for gamers

April 19, 1999
Ending an unwanted dance of the icons
When one system won't do
Wario Land II

April 12, 1999
Precautions can keep you safe from viruses
Attack of the killer computer virus
Index finger blues
Files sometimes can be saved after hard drive crash

April 5, 1999
What's next for these characters?
Gamemakers not flattered by imitation
Dex Drive InterAct
Syphon Filter
Solutions: Enter local area code to fool Dial Up Network

March 29, 1999
Pentium III: mostly promise for the future
Norton Anti-Virus 5.0 for PC
Another speedy Internet connection slowly arrives
Dial-up setup causing errors at start up
Site Seeing

March 22, 1999
Digital revolution: To be continued -- on television
Digital revolution: to be continued -- on TV
Site Seeing
Virus scares and other reader letters
Wheel mouse trick enlarges type

March 15, 1999
Pictures into pixels
Other digital options
ScanDisk may fix bad sectors on hard drive
Joys of the '70s
Wired, but not connected
Assault: Retribution

March 8, 1999
Check shortcut pointers to find error
Cheap -- and good www.efax.com
Grrl Power
Mario Party
SimCity 3000

March 1, 1999
Video to go
Traveling light
Zelda 64 helps Nintendo to the winner's circle
Changing PCs? Take your Favorites with you

February 22, 1999
When a computer goes kaput
Do your homework before seeking a repair
Providing information (and selling advertising)
Find Fast can mean slow going on your PC
Road Runner: Speedy link, spotty help

February 15, 1999
How to get free music on the Internet
Bytes to Beats
You can turn browser's 'cookie' alert off
Sounds good, wastes time: blame it on Rio

February 8, 1999
Heavenly Ham's invitation not kosher
Site-seeing: Self-induced 'Truman Show'
Job hunters should use caution
Tips for online job-seekers
Lower resolution means larger print in Windows 98
What a search turns up

February 1, 1999
Windows won't protect you from the nosy
Linux: Solid system built for an in-law
Software review: Contender
Postings: local technology events

January 25, 1999
Patrolling the online world

January 18, 1999
How does the Technology 50 stack up?
Files in cookie folder speed Web surfing
Site seeing: An apple a day

Jan. 11, 1999
Different perspectives on underwater vision
Reformat after booting from a start disk

Jan. 4, 1999
Trials, tribulations and the new Tampa office
IconEdit lets you create icons from gif files

December 21, 1998
Power hungry
Tips on caring for batteries
PlayStation stocking stuffers won't disappoint gamers
Problems booting up? Watch it step by step
A holiday wish

December 14, 1998
Barbie Photo Designer Digital Camera and CD-ROM
Barbie Riding Club, Detective Barbie
Convenience draws one shopper online
Shopping servants
Explorer 4.0 causing conflict with MS Outlook
Happy holidays!

December 7, 1998
PC buying tips
Review roundup
Software review: My Disney Kitchen
Software review: Rockett series
Software review: Lion King II
I'm ticked
Sherlock steals the iMac show
Should I upgrade my laptop to Windows 98?

November 30, 1998
Holiday Gadget Guide
Stocking stuffers for gaming fans
Sight Seeing
Banish those unwanted programs for good

November 23, 1998
More evolutionary than revolutionary
Comdex by the numbers, and other tidbits
Updated scanner driver should let Windows load
The Robot Club

November 16, 1998
Online on the go
Browser cache isn't the lock-up culprit

November 9, 1998
Satellite link on the links
Site Seeing

November 2, 1998
E-mail for the on-the -go
Startup warning appears to be bad reference
We have a winner!

October 26, 1998
Tampa school involves parents in classroom technology
Brain candy and more
Will Windows 98 run better than 95?

October 19, 1998
Saving the day (and the data)
A touch of fall
Where has the video-game innovation gone?
Will deleting desktop icons speed my computer?

October 12, 1998
What do you do with an old computer?
Recycling options available in the Tampa Bay area
How to adjust printing modes for your printer
Holidays? Again?
Review: Tomba!
Review: HeadRush

October 5, 1998
Making Word and Excel close faster
After the storm
Rainbow Six

September 28, 1998
Keys to comfort
Clowning around on the Web
A random peek at the Web
A Startup Disk can come to your rescue
Game network could be headed for America
Cleaning the window to the soul

September 21, 1998
Weaving a home on the Web
Gameday vs. Madden
Twinkle, twinkle Ken Starr
Gateway modem will need special upgrade

September 14, 1998
The lowdown on low-priced PCs
Don't forget the monitor
Looking directly into the 'Eye of the Storm'
Computer requirements for Emergency Managers Weather Information Network
Game column
Banish that pesky Windows Logon
You'll need to reformat your hard drive for Windows 95 to recognize all 4.3 gigabytes
A labor of love
Get ready for Japan's next wave: Pokemon

August 31, 1998
Getting personal on the Web
Note to readers
Banking on the Web
Mickey's smoking up the Internet
The real work begins after site is built
A few keystrokes should clear up your Outlook
First and last
Readers stand up for Apple and the iMac
Genealogy sites

August 24, 1998
Tracing your lineage online
Site-seeing: It's geek week
Webbiz: Pick a host that serves you well
Review: Pajama Sam2
Solutions: This fix may be key to unlocking system

August 17, 1998
Pencils, notebook ... and a computer?
Have computer, will matriculate
Site seeing: If it's Thursday, I'm lost
Solutions: Printing speed has several possible solutions
Wes Platt: Miraculous recovery strikes new computer
Club Corner
Structure provides Web's glue

August 10, 1998
Digital litigation
Webbiz: 3 keys - prepare, prepare, prepare
Letters, we get letters
Site seeing
Software review

August 3, 1998
Webbiz: Setting up a virtual shop
Getting personal on the Web
Donations creates waves of good will
Site seeing

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