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We have captured the sights, sounds, tastes and excitement of places near and far in this special collection of travel articles that were published in the St. Petersburg Times over the past year. For your convenience, we have organized the stories by regions and continents and we have listed cruises and travel tips separately. Enjoy our special offering!

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Is the Trip Worth the Risk?
We were a few hundred travel writers and public relations people enveloped in the cocoon of a convention in Boise, Idaho, when the other side of the world became an issue.

Old Postcards: Wish You Were Here? Ahh, I Was
I have no photograph to record those images, but even if one existed it could not return to me -- as the postcard in my own handwriting does -- the immediacy of what I felt that day.

Globe-Trotting Tales
My seatmate on the Delta 767 seemed uninterested when I nudged her gently and pointed out the window, announcing, "We're leaving land and crossing over the Atlantic."

Mutual Respect Takes Work
The two officials could not have been more articulate in their comments, which made it all the more interesting that they were espousing opposite views.

'Buyer Beware' Includes Me, Too
As the credit card bills continue to follow me home from Thailand, my wife has reasserted that my trips for the Times are costing us money. It's not that money -- whether it be Thai baht, Italian lira or Portuguese escudos -- burns a hole in my pocket. Rather, it's a case of being both tourist and impulse shopper.

Browse Before You Go
A couple of weeks ago I needed to book a plane ticket for my daughter between Michigan and Chicago. But rather than pick up the phone, I did what I've come to do with more frequency: I turned on my computer and went to the Internet.

Passport Information Is Free -- For A Price
Purveyors of millennial doom have a tendency to wave copies of Revelation under your nose and rave about everything from the advent of Eurodollars to the color of the U.N. flag as evidence of the approach of "one-world government," which they say means the end of the world.

One Big, Happy Vacation, Wilderness trips for families
Although they have been bombarded with brochures for summer family deals at theme parks and resorts around the country, the Calverts of Detroit have chosen this year to buy their first tent and to spend a week at a campsite in a national park.

Older, Wiser and Ready to Go
Travel agencies, airlines, hotel reservation desks and tour operators are busy making room for another cash register. It's labeled, "SENIORS."

To Every Times, There Is A Purpose
Etched invisibly across the planet's surface, the boundaries of the world's time zones stretch from pole to pole like the seams on a beach ball. But where did they come from? And how did they get so all-powerful?

Traveling on a Shoestring
The aroma of a fresh-baked "brownie cake" -- a dish my French host thought of as typically American -- greeted me as I entered the apartment on the seventh floor of the turn-of-the-century immeuble (apartment building) in the trendy Marais district of Paris. Jean-Charles, my host, had baked the cake to welcome me to a five-day stay as his guest. After a pleasant hour of chatting and eating, I settled into my private bedroom and admired the classic Parisian view of rooftops and chimneys across the courtyard.

Traveling on a Shoestring
Mention coupons to people, and they are likely to think of saving 50 cents on a box of cereal. When I think of coupons, I think of saving hundreds of dollars each year on our family vacation -- more than $800 on the last vacation, for instance. You can save just as much.

On a shoestring
Compared with the simple and inexpensive beachfront options readily available in places such as Thailand or Greece, the Caribbean is no backpacker's mecca. Increasingly, the islands court the upscale market with posh resorts and international cuisine. But savvy travelers know at least one big option that shaves a significant amount off the price of a Caribbean vacation: Go in low season.

Are All Travelers Treated Equally?
Arriving in Florence without a hotel reservation one rainy October day, David Appell and Paul Balido figured they would find a room easily. After trudging through the wet and having no luck for several hours, the New York couple finally found a pension with a room available.

Are All Travelers Treated Equally?
Margaret Gray, a public school counselor, and her husband, Nathan, a lawyer, were thrilled when Federal Express delivered their airline tickets for their trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C., where they will attend five days of seminars. A highlight of the trip will be five romantic nights strolling along the Atlantic listening to the waves hit the shore. And, of course, the shopping.

Choose the Right Bus Tour for You
Mature travelers face a bewildering number of choices when picking a bus tour, even among tours going to the same places. But those who do their homework and read brochures carefully can make smarter choices.

Globe-Trotting Tales
Any minute now he's going to swagger into the offices of Christian Science Monitor Radio, and this place isn't going to know what hit it. Just you wait.

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