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Reaction of Floridians in Congress


© St. Petersburg Times, published September 12, 1998

Remarks from members of Florida's congressional delegation:

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"There are two fundamental questions before the nation and the Congress today. First, has the president committed impeachable acts? The details of the independent counsel's report will shed some light on whether high crimes and misdemeanors have been committed. Second, has his ability to lead America and the world been irretrievably eroded? The president's actions will determine whether he can recoup the leadership capacity necessary to serve as president of the United States."
-- Democratic Sen. Bob Graham.

* * *

"This is a serious matter. We have an obligation to study the Starr report and move the process forward in a judicious and bipartisan manner."
-- Republican Sen. Connie Mack

* * *

"I have not commented since January on this matter, however, . . . I believe it would be in the best interest of the American people if President Clinton considers resigning. This action would spare the people of the United States and the office of the president further embarrassment."
-- Rep. John Mica, R-Winter Park

* * *

"All of this is going to depend on the reaction of the Democrats. Republicans can't go forward with an impeachment process by themselves, nor should they. After the weekend, you'll find people taking a firm position as to whether the president should be impeached."
-- Rep. E. Clay Shaw Jr., R-Fort Lauderdale

* * *

"At this point, we still don't know (all of) the facts. . . . If they are factually accurate, we have information that would lead to impeachment. If they are factually accurate."
-- Rep. Peter Deutsch, D-Fort Lauderdale

* * *

"I think what's going to have to happen is we will start the impeachment process. . . . The case has to made that this is not about sex, that this is about a breaking of the law over a long period of time and the manifested behavior which is not acceptable for the president."
-- Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Ocala

* * *

"I was disappointed that the resolution (to release the report) did not include the courtesy of allowing the president to review the charges against him prior to making them public. It is my hope that the process which the House has embarked on today will be fair and prudent."
-- Rep. Allen Boyd, D-Monticello

* * *

"I have grave misgivings about subjecting any person's private life to minute investigation and public scrutiny. . . . This is far preferable to the numerous leaks and endless speculation that even we in Congress have had to deal with over the past several months."
-- Rep. Carrie P. Meek, D-Miami

* * *

"No one should doubt the gravity of the current situation. I am appalled that the president lied to the American people. His behavior is indefensible and completely unacceptable."
-- Rep. Michael Bilirakis, R-Palm Harbor

* * *

"My job is like the job of a juror in court. Just as it would be wrong for a juror to prejudge a case before hearing all the facts at a trial, it would be wrong for me to reach a judgment about impeachment before all the facts are in."
-- Rep. Jim Davis, D-Tampa


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