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Voter still doing her duty at 101
[Times photo: Fred Victorin]
A centenarian citizen, Patricia Bitare is dedicated to the virtues of having a voice at the ballot box.
Election Day coverage
Ready to vote?

To vote in today's election, you must already be registered. The deadline for registering to vote was Oct. 10.

On North Suncoast, polls likely to be busy
North Suncoast voters are expected to make a strong showing at the polls today, keeping in step with statewide predictions that voters will turn out in near-record numbers.

Voter still doing her duty at 101
A centenarian citizen, Patricia Bitare is dedicated to the virtues of having a voice at the ballot box.

Ballot is long; lines may be, too
Pinellas voters are expected to make a strong showing at the polls today, keeping in step with statewide predictions that voters will turn out in near-record numbers.

Hopefuls fight for attention
TAMPA -- Inside her campaign headquarters Monday, Democratic state Senate candidate Kathy Castor was on the phone closing the deal.

Time to decide
MIAMI BEACH -- For decades Florida has been known worldwide for its palm trees, beaches and theme parks.

Jet fuel, shoe leather keep candidates going
Bill Nelson and Bill McCollum take to the air, airwaves and streets to drum up support on the final day.

Gore visit presents coverage challenge to local TV, radio
As the national TV networks jockey to be first to name the country's next president, local television outlets face a more parochial concern: How do you cover a visit from one of the candidates on Election Day?

Jan Glidewell
The major candidates offer minor incentives
My apologies to the young woman who approached me a couple of months ago during a concert at Skipper's Smokehouse.

Citrus County
Today is end of campaign trail
Citrus voters have a host of important choices to make about the candidates and the issues.

Hernando County
Candidate gets legit in nick of time
A day before elections, businessman William Merritt secures a workers' compensation policy.

The election
Q. What's on the ballot?

Political funding frenzy ceases
In the final three weeks, more than $80,000 was collected for local races, much of which went to the House District 44 candidates. Ads and mailings soaked it up.

Pasco County
Brisk turnout expected today at polling sites
The county elections supervisor predicts the close presidential race will draw more voters than usual.

Staying positive as judgment nears
As George W. Bush crisscrosses Florida on Sunday, he says he will purge the country of the "old-style politics" of Al Gore. [11/6]

A new forecast for Gore: weather
Al Gore will finish his campaign in Tampa, but his camp fears rain in key Northern states will hurt turnout.

Beyond ads, many issues divide them
Differences in priorities and philosophy mark the U.S. Senate candidates, who defy easy labeling.

Senate hopefuls in final push
Bill McCollum basks onstage with George W. Bush as Bill Nelson visits black churches.

Fair campaign group rules flier took unfair swipes
The committee says District 7 commission candidate Brent Fisher circulated false and misleading statements.

War chest, tactics separate U.S. House race candidates
Jon Duffey has little money. Incumbent Mike Bilirakis has a lot, but he's not taking any chances.

GOP brings a party to stadium
TAMPA -- With Raymond James Stadium in the background, thousands of people chanted slogans, waved signs, screamed wildly and danced to blaring music Sunday night.

What to expect from the next president
George W. Bush depends on loyalty, relationships to make his different style of governing work Story
• Al Gore is enthusiastic and attentive to detail, but those qualities could work against him.

McCollum campaigns on parallel track with Mack, or so he hopes
FORT MYERS -- For months, Florida's Republican U.S. Senate nominee was dismissed as a weak candidate with no experience running statewide. His Democratic opponent painted him as a right-wing extremist, and by Election Day, he earned one newspaper endorsement, compared with 17 for his opponent.

Parties' rallies punch up message to get out vote
TAMPA -- With three days left before Election Day, Democrats and Republicans sent their troops out Saturday to whip up support. [11/5]

Songs in his heart, politics on his mind
[Times photo: Thomas M. Goethe]
Jimmy Buffett, the popular singer, ardent Democrat and hard-shell environmentalist brings his message to Tampa.

To pull ahead and stay there
Al Gore warns Floridians that George W. Bush can't be trusted with the environment or Social Security.

4,500 throng to see Cheney
The Republican nominee for vice president visits Weeki Wachee Spring with Jeb Bush and Norman Schwarzkopf.

With time running out

If it's Friday, four days before the election, we must be in Kansas City, Des Moines, Ames, Alcoa and Memphis, or Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Morgantown and Detroit. Come along as we follow Al Gore and George W. Bush on a hectic day on the campaign trail. [11/4]

Senate candidates sweep voter-rich South Florida
MIAMI -- By about 9 a.m. in a hardscrabble part of downtown, U.S. Senate candidates Bill Nelson and Willie Logan had showed up in a church packed with African-Americans, women, recent immigrants and low-wage workers. The people were shouting and clapping as if their lives depended on it.

Bush acknowledges DUI conviction in '76
MILWAUKEE -- For the first time, George W. Bush acknowledged Thursday night that he was arrested and pleaded guilty to driving under the influence in 1976 in Maine. [11/3]

Midwest gets double dose of campaign stops
CHICAGO -- Al Gore and George W. Bush battled for the same territory on the ground and over the airwaves Thursday, crisscrossing the Midwest for large rallies and trading new accusations about leadership and character. [11/3]

Nelson fighting back with cash
U.S. Senate hopeful Bill Nelson lends his own campaign $100,000 to counter ads from Bill McCollum supporters.

Special interest cash floods Fla. campaigns
Florida's GOP has received $17-million in contributions and its Democratic Party $12-million.

McCollum backer uses past decision to attack Nelson
A spokesman for Bill Nelson says making an issue of the gun rights case now is a last-minute dirty trick.

Down the stretch he comes: the real Gore
PORTLAND, Ore. -- With six days left in one of the closest presidential campaigns in history, Vice President Al Gore says he has shed his image as a wooden surrogate of President Clinton and has become his own man. [11/1]

Barbara Bush, Jeb stump for votes
Barbara Bush and Gov. Jeb Bush visit a senior center in north Pinellas to win support for George W.

Groups spending big on McCollum
Several organizations are laying out thousands to support the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

Tougher tone, faster pace
BURBANK, Calif. -- George W. Bush says Al Gore can't bring people together. Gore says Bush "could drive our economy into the ditch." [10/31]

Bushes swarming Florida
Family and political connections are converging as George W. Bush makes his final push for the presidency.

Judges' selection in hands of voters
If approved, a Nov. 7 ballot item will make potential judges face the governor, not voters. [10/30]

U.S. Senate race strikes dull note
Florida's U.S. Senate race plays in the background as a hotly contested presidential ticket takes center stage.

Expert: Both candidates likely to expand federal work force
WASHINGTON -- Amid the controversy over Al Gore's alleged exaggerations, one of the Democratic presidential candidate's most seriously disputed assertions has gotten little notice. It has to do with the number of people on the public payroll.

GOP to use Nader in ads to slam Gore
Republicans hope the TV ads will persuade would-be Gore voters to back Nader to the benefit of Bush. [10/28]

It's not how many vote, but who votes
In Florida, both parties are working to ensure that their most loyal blocs of supporters show up Nov. 7.

Nelson, McCollum focus on past votes
In a final public debate, the U.S. Senate candidates attack each other's congressional records.

Dole adds light touch to Senate slugfest
Bob Dole uses humor to help Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bill McCollum. [10/27]

George W. Bush reaches out
The GOP candidate motors by bus from Daytona Beach to Tampa with his brother Jeb to woo crucial Florida voters. [10/26]

Fischer fined for campaign violations
The District 52 state House candidate pays a total of $300 for language in two invitations that portrays her as the incumbent.

Full house greets Bush brothers
TAMPA -- The bumper stickers plastered on a white Dodge Caravan in the parking lot of the Florida State Fairgrounds Wednesday night said it all:

Report: Texas scores inflated
A study finds that students improved more in recent years on a state exam than on the leading national assessment test. [10/25]

Low-polling Logan poised for influence
Trailing major party candidates, the unaffiliated Senate hopeful wants a win. But some say spoiler is a more likely role.

Bush returns to Florida, where race remains tight
JACKSONVILLE -- The Bush brothers are back.

Clinton scandal surfaces in Senate debate
TAMPA -- For months, Florida's U.S. Senate candidates have studiously avoided uttering the I-word. Impeachment, and all its polarizing baggage, was better left looming in the background, they decided. [10/24]

Calls on Social Security miff GOP
Democrats turn to actor Ed Asner for phone calls some consider an unfair scare tactic.

Bush, Gore trade stronger barrages
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Al Gore as president would be the "obstacle-in-chief" fighting against school, tax and Social Security reforms, George W. Bush said Monday, hardening his anti-Gore rhetoric with 15 days until the election.

Muslims endorse Bush for president
A national committee for Muslims says Bush has shown "elevated concern" about the use of profiling at airports and secret evidence.

Majority could hinge on a pill
Democrats need to win a South Florida district. But their candidate's ties to a drug company are an issue. [10/23]

Education run stirs little excitement
The presidential race and the ephemeral nature of the commissioner job make the campaign a bit unappealing.

16 days to make a final impression
The presidential contenders are mindful of every move they make as the race sprints to a finish. [10/22]

Rescue Mission
What will it take to save Social Security? Acknowledging that real solutions involve pain, Times readers say they're willing to do more than presidential hopefuls George W. Bush and Al Gore have proposed.

Road to White House paved with one-liners
Judging by their visits, the candidates seem to agree on the importance of late-night shows -- and the jokes. [10/20]

In final shot at title, the gloves come off
ST. LOUIS -- Who, as president, would be the biggest spender? That was the major question that divided presidential candidates George W. Bush and Al Gore in their final -- and by far their most effective -- debate Tuesday night. [10/18]

An improvement, but is it enough?
ST. LOUIS -- Finally, a debate worth watching.

Perot's '92 tide ebbed in all directions
Those voters -- 20 percent in Florida -- are still disaffected, but with various results. [10/17]

M, as in 'Mom,' works phones for W in Florida
When the going gets tough, the tough ... turn to their moms?

Bush, Gore differ on U.S. military's role abroad
WASHINGTON -- After last week's debate between Al Gore and George Bush, some commentators thought they had expressed similar views on the question of when the United States should rely on military intervention to settle foreign disputes. [10/16]

The battle for second place
These nominees for vice president are cool and hot: a man in charge and a man impassioned.

Balance in Senate could hinge on Lieberman
Democrats may not be able to win a majority if the senator becomes vice president and a Republican takes his seat.

Drug plans and real people
As the presidential candidates try to one-up each other over their concern for seniors, some bay area residents share their worries. [10/15]

What you don't hear on Social Security
Bush hasn't released his details yet but other plans for private accounts favor the government over the investor. [10/14]

A day of loss raises the stakes
Those words have long described the lay of the land heading into a presidential election that promises to be extremely close.

Nader pounds corporate politics
The Green Party candidate bemoans the corporate influence and pushes "a new progressive movement."

2-party system has sold out, Nader says
In front of a large St. Petersburg audience, the Green Party presidential candidate criticizes corporate influence in politics. [10/13]

Accusations fly as tempers rise in Senate debate
DELRAY BEACH -- In their testiest face-to-face encounter yet, U.S. Senate candidates Bill McCollum and Bill Nelson repeatedly accused one another of lying and hiding from their records Thursday.

Round 2: Friendly start, foreign policy
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- For almost 90 minutes, George W. Bush and Al Gore sat down Wednesday night and danced around each other. [10/12]

Groups tar McCollum as traitor on term limits
As a young lawyer embarking on his first political campaign, Bill McCollum pledged to fight for congressional term limits. Now a 20-year veteran of Congress, the Florida Republican still insists members of the U.S. House and Senate should not be allowed to serve more than 12 years.

Debate opens forum for computer users
Candidates for Florida's open U.S. Senate seat face off in a debate tonight, in which computer users are invited to submit questions.

Bush school reforms get mixed grades
The Texas education system is doing better, but some things the governor touts aren't all they're cracked up to be. [10/11]

Gore has a new task: attack Bush with smile
The vice president leaves Florida today for the second presidential debate tonight.

Technophile Gore got back to basics
The night Al Gore visited his home in Holt, Mich., kindergarten teacher Jay Strong expected a few minutes of polite conversation and photo ops. [10/10]

Union endorses Gallagher's opponent
The teachers union has criticized the education commissioner and now opposes his bid for insurance commissioner.

After the debates, they can make your head spin
WASHINGTON -- Debates still are the best part of any presidential campaign because they offer voters a fairly true picture of the candidates, unadulterated by media hype or spin doctors. [10/9]

St. Peterburg Times Poll: Election 2000
Click here for the Times' statewide political poll results.
Yearlong Bush lead gone; state up for grabs
Gore takes a slight lead by solidifying support among traditional Democratic Party constituencies. [10/8]

Poll: Nelson leads Senate race
But the Times poll shows 17 percent of likely voters undecided, enough to swing the U.S. Senate race between Bill Nelson and Bill McCollum.

Nickens: Debates need a little oomph
Before their debate this week in North Carolina, George W. Bush and Al Gore ought to send their advisers back to the negotiating table.

Both sides spend a weekend stumping in the sunshine
Bush and Gore will crisscross the state as they duke it out for Florida's 25 electoral votes. [10/7]

They do the wave in modern politics
TAMPA -- The man vying to be Florida's next senator is standing in the midst of roaring Dale Mabry traffic, seemingly talking to himself.

A gentlemanly contrast to presidential debate
More clearly and articulately than the men on the top of the ticket, Cheney and Lieberman thoughtfully outlined some of the campaigns' stark differences in areas such as tax policy, military readiness and Social Security. [10/6]

Running mates politely discuss policy
DANVILLE, Ky. -- The Constitution says a vice president should be able to take over if the president is incapacitated.

Hurling numbers not punch lines
BOSTON -- In their first debate Tuesday night, Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W. Bush offered voters a clear choice between two distinct political philosophies. [10/4]

Debate doesn't sway close race
It was a little like the Super Bowl: much-anticipated, over-hyped, and, in the end, not all that satisfying.

Up for grabs, Florida sees race heat up
LONGBOAT KEY -- Florida is becoming a second home for Al Gore and George W. Bush. [10/3]

Nelson lists his proposals for seniors
The Senate hopeful says he will defend Social Security and help family caregivers.

Spot check
Editor's note: To help voters evaluate political ads, Times reporters will review and analyze content.

Campaign spending already at $2-billion
With the growing role of soft money, this election cycle is expected to far surpass the amount raised in 1996. [10/2]

Key to debate win: more spontaneity
Both Bush and Gore have strategies, but one expert says they will probably do better if they don't prepare too much.

Removing barriers may open more than an avenue
WASHINGTON -- President John Quincy Adams was bathing in the Potomac River when a woman reporter, Anne Royall, happened by and decided to sit on his clothes on the river bank until he answered her questions.

What to make of Ralph Nader
He has made his name as a consumer advocate, but as a candidate he is struggling to get people's attention. [10/1]

Suit against Gallagher set for hearing
TALLAHASSEE -- On Monday, Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis will hear arguments in a lawsuit that attempts to have Education Commissioner Tom Gallagher thrown off the Nov. 7 general election ballot.

Gore returns to Sarasota to work, prepare
SARASOTA -- Vice President Al Gore arrived here Saturday night dressed for vacation but prepared to work.

Bush, GOP return felon's funds
The Texas governor's campaign said it didn't know about Braswell's criminal past. [9/30]

Candidates woo voters to paltry ballot
Imagine inviting 85 people to a party. You'd have to get out the invitations. And make arrangements to handle the guests.

Senate fight gets close, personal
As a Senate candidate decries sleazy politics, her opponent crashes her news conference and a nasty quarrel begins.

Spot check
Editor's note: To help voters evaluate political ads, Times reporters will review and analyze content.

Gore's backers: GOP out to scare
Republicans, likewise, say it's the vice president's drug plan that is scaring older Floridians. [9/29]

Group: McCollum anti-environment
An environmental group says he has a poor record. A McCollum aide says that's not true.

Panhandle is friendly to Nelson
The Senate candidate seems to be more familiar to folks than "the other fella" running. [9/28]

Gore promises more to seniors
ST. PETERSBURG -- Al Gore named every opponent Monday but George W. Bush
. [9/26]

En Espanol, Gore wows Hispanic Caucus
For a moment, you could have sworn you were at the annual Independence Day celebration at the presidential palace in downtown Mexico City, with cries of "Viva!" showering the speaker, who, in turn, worked up the crowd in Spanish. [9/24]

The Kingmakers
A key in the fight for Florida's swing votes is winning over the diverse bunch of voters along I-4, many of whom have no firm loyalties.

Bush plan: spend billions on research
In Tampa, seniors like his plan to spend more on medical research and look for cures for diseases. [9/23]

Elder Bush lends name to bolster McCollum
The ex-president recalls old times with the congressman, praising his character.

Jeb Bush in back seat for this race
The Florida governor has been careful not to upstage his brother in the campaign for president. [9/22]

Gore citizenship push called political ploy
He says the effort to speed handling of immigrant applications wasn't an attempt to add Democratic voters. [9/19]

'Real Plan' a bit short (Web) sited
Next time George W. Bush wants to change his campaign slogan, he might want to buy the domain name as well. [9/17]

Bush yields to debate proposal
George W. Bush agrees to three 90-minute prime-time TV appearances with Al Gore. [9/15]

Nelson attacks record of opponent
Democrats claim Bill McCollum is out of touch with seniors, but the McCollum campaign says he's proud of his record.

Clinton-Lazio debate ignites
The first debate between the candidates in New York's Senate race turns spirited. [9/14]

Gore team turns over Bush debate materials
WASHINGTON -- The FBI was asked Wednesday to investigate the mysterious delivery of a package containing a videotape and a half-inch stack of documents relating to Texas Gov. George W. Bush's preparation for this fall's presidential debates to a close friend and adviser to Vice President Gore.

Nelson calls for HMO firms' records
State Insurance Commissioner Bill Nelson has issued subpoenas for seven insurance companies in hopes of learning more about why they pulled Medicare HMO plans out of several Florida counties. [9/14]

Reaction mild to call for election reform
Support is lacking for a special session to deal with independent political operators.

Democrats' ad draws upon Nelson's office
Bill Nelson's campaign was not involved with the party-produced ad, says a campaign spokesman.

With 'rats' and 'Friends,' Bush stumbling again
ORLANDO -- George W. Bush wanted to talk about long-term care Tuesday. [9/13]

Senate candidates trade verbal volleys
COCOA BEACH -- The top contenders in Florida's U.S Senate race struggled to distinguish themselves Tuesday in a debate that focused mainly on tax cuts and the campaign's increasingly negative tone as Election Day nears.

A folksy George W. Bush reassures Florida seniors
CLEARWATER -- George W. Bush came to the right place for a hug. [9/12]

State congressional races tightening up
Just as the presidential race has tightened in Florida, so too have a number of state congressional races become hotly contested.

Working families: We're still struggling
When Vice President Al Gore incorporated "working families" into his rhetoric last month and "hard-working middle-class families" this month as pivotal campaign phrases, he pointed a finger -- unintentionally perhaps -- at a central fact of American life: Most of the nation's 72-million families feel they cannot make ends meet. [9/10]

Playing whose budget is better
Candidates are talking money, and voters are listening, fearful that the wrong plan could ruin the nation's prosperity.

Gore keeps up boost, wins fans
Maintaining his post-convention bounce, Al Gore has found support with pro-family, anti-corporate talks. [9/9]

Cheney has lackluster voting history
The candidate did not cast a ballot in 14 of the 16 elections that occurred while he was registered in Texas.

Bush calls up reinforcements
George W. Bush, losing ground in the polls to Al Gore, uses Gulf War heroes to back his view of a weakened military. [9/8]

Voters say 'no' to negative, high-cost ads
State Senate campaigns emphasizing personal attacks see that most people don't respond positively. [9/7]

Nelson says he'll preserve privacy
The Democrat wants to limit how banks and insurance companies use personal data.

Primaries range from routine to bizarre
Sarasota physical therapist Robert Salzberg, who was found innocent by reason of insanity in an attack on a police officer, was badly losing his Congressional primary campaign Tuesday. Instead of Salzberg, Daniel Dunn will take on incumbent U.S. Rep. Dan Miller, R-Bradenton.

Primary results

State offices
McCollum, Nelson rout rivals
The race to succeed Connie Mack in the U.S. Senate is now officially set, as Republican Bill McCollum and Democrat Bill Nelson effortlessly dispatched their virtually invisible primary opponents Tuesday.

Smith easily defeats Chestnut
TALLAHASSEE -- Gainesville State Attorney Rod Smith easily defeated Rep. Cynthia Chestnut Tuesday night to win the Democratic nomination for a north Central Florida state Senate seat being vacated by Sen. George Kirkpatrick.

Republican veterans lead early returns
In some of the most contested Florida Congressional races, veteran Republican politicians were leading less experienced primary challengers in early returns Tuesday.

Dunn wins primary in landslide
Daniel E. Dunn, a food service director of the Salvation Army in Sarasota, easily defeated opponent Robert Salzberg Tuesday night in the Democratic primary in Congressional District 13.

Sheldon pulls far ahead of opponent
In the contest to become Florida's last elected education commissioner, former Tampa lawmaker George Sheldon appeared to have captured the Democratic nomination Tuesday as he led Rep. James Bush III of Miami by a roughly 3-1 ratio.

Primaries range from routine to bizarre
Sarasota physical therapist Robert Salzberg, who was found innocent by reason of insanity in an attack on a police officer, was badly losing his Congressional primary campaign Tuesday. Instead of Salzberg, Daniel Dunn will take on incumbent U.S. Rep. Dan Miller, R-Bradenton.

Enwall beats King to face Thurman
Peter Enwall, a Gainesville lawyer, scored a narrow victory over Cedar Key teacher and author Jim King in the Republican primary for the 5th Congressional District seat.

Russell, Williams appear likely to advance
With Hernando County votes counted, incumbent Rep. David Russell appeared to be easily winning the more than 50 percent he needed to avoid a runoff election in his three-way District 44 House of Representative Republican primary.

Victory for Bennett earns a House seat
Michael Bennett soundly defeated Ronald Reagan in the Republican primary race for Florida House District 67.

Miller easily wins primary
Les Miller cruised to an easy victory Tuesday in the Democratic primary for the state Senate District 21 seat.

Crist tops GOP Senate race
TAMPA -- State Rep. Victor Crist appeared headed for an easy victory Tuesday night over two other candidates vying for the Republican nomination for the District 13 state Senate seat.

Calcines defeats Vila, to face Henriquez next
TAMPA -- A barber will challenge a football coach for a chance to represent West Tampa in the state House of Representatives.

Joyner wins a ticket to Tallahassee
TAMPA -- Civil rights protester while a student at Florida A&M University. FAMU law school graduate. The first black female attorney in Tampa history.

Nice guy fight ends with Homan as victor
TAMPA -- In the kill-or-be-killed world of politics, people like it when the "nice guy" candidate wins.

Cowin whips challenger after a hard-fought campaign
INVERNESS -- State Sen. Anna Cowin scored a strong victory over challenger Everett Kelly in a hotly contested Republican primary.

In Pinellas, incumbents walk away victorious
As her supporters partied at the Sea Wake Inn on Clearwater Beach, Karen Seel squeezed into a crowded room at the Pinellas County Election Service Center and nervously eyed the incoming results for her County Commission race.

Voters maintain course in School Board races
Pinellas residents pick two incumbents and a teacher to guide schools into an era without court-ordered busing.

Nelson edges Petty for tax post
Though the lead changed hands several times, Nelson holds on to emerge as Pinellas' new tax collector.

School Board quizzed on choice plan
St. Petersburg leaders and Largo's mayor learn about the new student assignment plan.

Voters return Rice, rebuff challengers
Voters overwhelmingly decided Everett Rice deserves a fourth term as Pinellas County sheriff Tuesday, again rebuffing challengers to the veteran Republican.

Dillinger holds off challenge by ex-staffer
Pinellas-Pasco Public Defender Bob Dillinger appeared headed to a convincing re-election victory late Tuesday, beating back a feisty challenge by a former employee, Cimos Angelis.

Ober to face Shimberg for state attorney post
Both candidates win with wide margins in the race to succeed the late Harry Lee Coe, who committed suicide.

Scott, Hargrett find places in runoff election
TAMPA -- State Sen. James T. Hargrett Jr. forced incumbent County Commissioner Thomas Scott into a runoff for his job Tuesday, setting up a race in October that could turn nasty fast.

2 School Board incumbents win
Doris Ross Reddick and Glenn Barrington hold off their challengers, but Sharon Danaher loses to Jack Lamb in a tight race.

2 neighborhoods approve tax cap increase, but 2 others vote it down
TAMPA -- Some residents in northwest Hillsborough had more to decide in Tuesday's primary than which elected official to vote for. Homeowners in four special taxing districts -- two in Carrollwood and two in Town 'N Country -- also had to decide whether they wanted to increase their household assessments.

3 races raise interest of black voters
TAMPA -- Ernestine G. Ponder has been helping people vote for more than 40 years, and she knows African-Americans once were barred from the polling place.

Baldwin, Foster meet again in fall
TAMPA -- Leland Baldwin and Robert Foster Jr., two of four lawyers seeking to replace a retiring circuit judge, will face each other again in November.

Hildebrand cruises in win over opponent
Ann Hildebrand had accepted close to $50,000 for her campaign, much of it from development interests.

Olson re-elected by wide margin
Mike Olson says challenger David "Hap" Clark's attack ads backfired, leading to the landslide victory.

Schrader and Kiefer face off in November
DADE CITY -- Ted Schrader is hoping the second time is the charm. Charlotte Kiefer is hoping it only takes one try.

Altman, Armstrong advance to November
Both avoid runoffs, so a former New Port Richey mayor now will be pitted against a sheriff's sergeant.

Taylor's confidence proves justified
The late-entry candidate had been told to expect a closer margin in the race to finish the mayor's term. Leggiere expresses relief over his loss.

Across region, primary provides no surprises
In Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties, Tuesday's election came with lots of rain and no surprises.

White, Thivener head for runoff
Neither candidate won a majority of ballots, but they outdistanced former sheriff Jim Gillum by a wide margin.

Dillinger holds off challenge by ex-staffer
Pinellas-Pasco Public Defender Bob Dillinger appeared headed to a convincing re-election victory late Tuesday, beating back a feisty challenge by a former employee, Cimos Angelis.

Webb wins another term on bench
Opponent Don Peyton, a New Port Richey lawyer, credits Webb with running a well-organized campaign.

Officials call voter turnout disappointing
Only 12 to 15 percent of voters show up, according to an early estimate, but they came with a purpose: vote their favorite in or toss an incumbent out.

Prospects fall with heavy rain
With three Hernando County commissioners facing vigorous opposition and a raft of candidates vying for other countywide seats, Elections Supervisor Anne Mau had predicted Election Day turnout would hit 50 percent.

Heat on Hernando incumbents
Voters reject Commissioner Bobbi Mills while ensuring runoff challenges for Pat Novy and Paul Sullivan.

Allen soundly defeats Kouba, takes on Sikes
BROOKSVILLE -- Garry R. Allen will square off against Juanita Sikes for the post of Hernando County tax collector Nov. 7. The election will mark the first time the job has been up for grabs in eight years.

Insiders will battle for top job
BROOKSVILLE -- This much is for sure: Hernando County's next sheriff will be a department insider with more than 20 years of law enforcement experience.

Coleman, Laviano face runoff election
BROOKSVILLE -- Gail Coleman dominated her three opponents in Hernando County's lone School Board race Tuesday but could not muster the majority needed to avoid a November runoff.

Republicans face runoff, Williams
BROOKSVILLE -- Longtime community businessman Gus Guadagnino will be in a Republican runoff with county tourism coordinator Sue Rupe after Tuesday's primary elections for Hernando County supervisor of elections, while longtime office employee Annie Williams handily defeated her opponent in the Democratic race.

Election Day: dark skies, dark polls and light turnout
Citrus County voters -- at least those who found the time and energy -- brave the weather and other challenges to cast their ballots.

School chief to face principal
The Citrus superintendent and a former assistant superintendent proceed to the general election.

King bests Ferro to win fourth term
INVERNESS -- State Attorney Brad King, who touted his 12 years of experience running the region's "largest law firm," easily dispatched attorney Henry Ferro in Tuesday's primary to win a fourth term.

Phillips tops Lucas by nearly 2-to-1
INVERNESS -- Citrus County Commissioner Vicki Phillips cleared the first hurdle toward a third term Tuesday night, defeating Republican challenger Katie Lucas by a nearly 2-to-1 ratio.

Warren captures GOP spot; Brady, Cooper go again
INVERNESS -- The Citrus County Tax Collector's race will require a runoff election for the Democrats, but the Republicans voted in a winner who will again face the voters in November.

Nave, Bryant, Snyder victorious
INVERNESS -- Citrus voters returned one incumbent, voted out another and elected the first all-female School Board in Tuesday's primary.

Democrats: They came, they spoke, they dined
Al Gore and Joseph Lieberman talk about their support for workers during a stop in Tampa on Monday. [9/5]

Bush assault intensifies as Gore closes in
Bush casts Gore as a politician who lacks conviction and stresses his reputation for shifting positions.

Partisan crossovers to flavor primary
For the first time, registered Republicans and Democrats can vote in their rival party's primary.

If he wins, Cheney to give up options
The Republican says he would forfeit $3.5-million in Halliburton stock options to avoid a conflict of interest. [9/2]

Senate race focuses on future vs. past
Faye Culp wants to improve education; Victor Crist touts his community work.[8/31]

Gephardt: House needs cooperation
TAMPA -- For six years, Rep. Richard Gephardt has felt like an outsider in the House of Representatives.

Know Your Candidates
The St. Petersburg Times has prepared this Know Your Candidates section to help voters with their choices on Tuesday's primary election ballot, which features a U.S. Senate race, state legislative contests and many important local seats.
Bush, Gore still debating debates

How many? When? Where? Moderated by whom? Who knows? [8/29]

Gore pitches drug plan
As the Democrat talks with seniors in the capital, Gov. Jeb Bush praises his brother's record.

Frugality marks House races
Donations of $50 here, $20 there, and volunteers drive the campaign for the District 55 state House seat. [8/28]

Backers softening laws on migrants
GOP Senate candidate Bill McCollum offers a reform of the deportation act that critics say does not go far enough.

Bush, Gore concentrate on Florida
With fundraising visits and aggressive television advertising, both presidential candidates have their eyes on the prize: the state's 25 electoral votes. [8/26]

Candidates tangle over disaster bill
Ratcheting up the hostile rhetoric in the U.S. Senate campaign, Bill McCollum is accusing Insurance Commissioner Bill Nelson of putting politics ahead of Floridians' safety by refusing to embrace a controversial disaster insurance bill in Congress.

Gore-Lieberman plays well to condo crowd
Al Gore and Joe Lieberman sound familiar themes to the delight of mainly Democratic South Florida retirees. [8/24]

Reno refuses to start Gore funding inquiry
WASHINGTON -- For the third time, Attorney General Janet Reno refused Wednesday to have an outside counsel investigate Vice President Al Gore over 1996 campaign fundraising.

Candidate stance on Bush plan criticized
County Commission hopeful James Hargrett Jr. is skewered for not strongly opposing the "One Florida" initiative.

Baker County candidate for sheriff still missing
Another day passed Wednesday, and no Buddy Pendleton.

Nelson lashes out at McCollum
TAMPA -- Moving his so far low-profile U.S. Senate campaign onto the offensive, Democrat Bill Nelson Monday jumped on Republican Bill McCollum as out of step with mainstream Floridians on guns, abortion and education. [8/22]

E-mail prompts cries of Bush anti-Semitism
The Democratic Party chairman calls the e-mail mentioning Jesus "anti-Semitic." A staffer sent it mistakenly.

The way to win, Part 2
Here are four things Vice President Al Gore must do to become the next president. [8/20]

Aviation secretary's job hinges on presidential election
Tampa native Francisco Sanchez, 41, will lose his new job at the Department of Transportation if George W. Bush wins the election.

Democrats optimistic they can deliver Florida to Gore
The vice president's running mate and issues like senior drug coverage will help him erase Bush's lead, backers say. [8/19]

'I stand here . . . as my own man'
LOS ANGELES -- "For all our good times, I am not satisfied." [8/18]

Democrats not leaving as one happy family
The main task for Al Gore, alongside running mate Joseph Lieberman, was convincing people that he is likable.

Excerpts from the speech

Democratic convention briefs

Lieberman lives his American Dream

Tonight, we go in search of the real Al Gore

Star tracks

Undercover tactics viewed as part of hardball politics

Floridians take a cultural detour

Democratic Convention briefs

Lieberman's speech marks turning point

From catwalk to convention walkway, Brinkley wows 'em

Protesters: See us, hear us, but don't reveal us

Democratic Convention notebook

Liberal Democrats take turn to dazzle

Clinton: 'Keep this prosperity going'

First lady asks voters to carry on

Floridians feeling left out in L.A.

Convention briefs

Nelson speech: 3 minutes, 14 issues

Graham content on the sideline

Clinton will set tone, but how?

Walk softly, but carry a big puppet

Democratic Convention briefs

The making of Al Gore
Gore must step to forefront, but walk between left, right. Story
High profile political consultant basks in spotlight Story

Clinton shadow looms at debate
GOP Senate candidate Bill McCollum lumps his Democratic opponent with the administration. [8/13]

The GOP campaign
Bush pledges to beef up defense spending. [8/13]

Democratic convention in brief
In speech, Gore to shift emphasis to his agenda

His Israel views not 'knee-jerk'
An Orthodox Jew, Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman has been a steady friend of Israel and a strong supporter of Israeli positions in the Middle East peace talks. [8/9]

Ticket surprises, excites local Jews
For Dorothy Cohen, who remembers a time when customers pelted her with anti-Semitic slurs, this has been a week of recompense.

Lieberman a friend to Cuban-Americans
MIAMI -- With Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman as his running mate, Democratic presidential hopeful Al Gore may win back alienated Cuban-American voters in South Florida.

It's Lieberman
Gore's running mate is a centrist senator from Connecticut. "Miracles happen," he says. [8/8]

Lieberman brings integrity, decency
WASHINGTON -- Joe Lieberman was not chosen to join the Democratic ticket for his charisma. It would be hard to imagine that anyone could be inspired by his deadpan speaking style or his flat, whiny voice.

Were Graham's prospects more publicity than reality?
On one of his famous work days, Sen. Bob Graham was loading frozen french fries into a cargo container when he first figured he was out of the hunt.

Rivals' vote records narrow gap
Bill McCollum and Bill Nelson agreed almost 60 percent of the time on key votes in the U.S. House in the 1980s. [8/6]

Senators prevalent on Gore's short list
PHILADELPHIA -- Al Gore's list of vice presidential candidates is down to six names, and the four leading prospects are from the Senate: Evan Bayh of Indiana, John Edwards of North Carolina, John Kerry of Massachusetts and Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut. [8/4]

What of Florida if Gore skips Graham?
PHILADELPHIA -- Speculation about where Sen. Bob Graham fits in Vice President Al Gore's search for a running mate changed tone Wednesday at the Republican National Convention. [8/3]

Likelihood of Graham as V.P. falls
Still, the Democratic senator is a hot topic among Florida's delegation to the Republican convention. [8/2]

The way to win
Here are four things Gov. George W. Bush must do to become the next president. [8/6]

'They have not led. We will.''
PHILADELPHIA -- George W. Bush stepped to the front of the Republican Party Thursday night, offering the country a new sense of purpose, moral dignity and political tolerance. [8/4]

GOP rallies around goal: Just win

'Our nation today needs vision'

Before school, P. speaks for W.

Ford makes speedy recovery after stroke

'Impeachment' is a subtle party line

Cheney's moment, Bush's boost
A day in the life:

Cheney's moment, Bush's boost
Acceptance speech delivers:

A bouyant Bush arrives to accept nomination

Day Two: For heroes and heated protests

Don't be fooled: Republicans still are Republicans

When it comes to partying, corporations ready to kick in

Florida's Bush draws a crowd: He's 'like Elvis'

At least 280 arrested in convention protest

Republicans push use of new label

Florida's GOP delegates wonder: Where's Jeb

Consultant bridges ad campaigns

Veteran of Democratic fights now molds Bush ad strategy

Cheney says some votes might go otherwise now
women and a host of other issues.

Congressmen absent at GOP convention

Texas two-step

In 1997, Texas Gov. George W. Bush tried to push through a broad tax restructuring plan in his state. The effort fell apart. But now, some say, the defeat has made him stronger politically. [7/30]

McCain puts his lightsaber away
His battle against Darth Vader over, the former candidate arrives in Philadelphia ready to help the party and support Gov. Bush.

Scripted insignificance
PHILADELPHIA -- What a pity actor Mel Gibson couldn't make it to the Republican National Convention. [7/29]

For Rep. McCollum, Clinton impeachment is a matter of pride
ST. PETERSBURG -- U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum never mentions his leading role in the impeachment of President Clinton in his stump speeches, but the voters he addresses invariably bring it up. [7/26]

Choice of Cheney good for Graham
Over the Fourth of July weekend, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney spent time going over a list of possible vice presidential running mates at the Texas governor's isolated ranch.

Company's leaders to aid Logan effort
It could hurt Bill Nelson, who has been at odds with the company. [7/25]

McCollum portfolio raises conflict issue
Rep. Bill McCollum has stock that could be affected by a bill he helped craft.

Graham takes his 'Tension' on the road
With rumors saying he might be picked as Al Gore's running mate, Sen. Bob Graham told a Nashville audience a week ago that he was indeed seeking a new job -- as a country and western singer. He then sang a few verses from his original song, Tension on the Surface. [7/23]

Senate candidate defends gun control stance
When challenged, Republican Bill McCollum said he avoids extremes on gun law issues.

Gore's attacks on Texas have limited success
AUSTIN, Texas -- Down at Capitol Saddlery, where a big black boot hangs over the door and saddles have been sold and repaired since 1930, there is no air conditioning, no waiting -- and no patience for Al Gore's attacks on Texas.

Trying Graham on for size
This is an awkward time for Florida Sen. Bob Graham. He has said he is interested in becoming vice president, but the unwritten rules of politics say he shouldn't look eager. [7/18]

Stand-in Graham swipes at Bush
NASHVILLE -- In a speech just a few miles from Al Gore's campaign headquarters, Florida Sen. Bob Graham on Saturday praised the vice president and fired some partisan zingers at Texas Gov. George W. Bush. [7/16]

Court bars affirmative action from 2000 ballot
The state Supreme Court says proposals to end the policy could mislead voters. Ward Connerly calls the ruling "a blow against self-government." [7/14]

Eyes on Graham as possible No. 2
As Gore's running mate, the Florida senator would boost the Democrats' chances of carrying the state, analysts say. [7/9]

Candidates debate plans for Social Security
Bill Nelson aggressively assaults opponent Bill McCollum's position that young workers should be able to opt out of some Social Security taxes. [7/7]

Clinton to help Nelson raise funds
TAMPA -- U.S. Senate candidate Bill Nelson will get some help raising money from the White House. Nelson, the state insurance commissioner, confirmed Thursday that President Clinton will speak at fundraisers for him on July 31 in Tampa and Palm Beach. The presumptive Democratic nominee is facing Republican U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum of Longwood -- one of the House managers for Clinton's impeachment trial. [7/7]

The high finance behind campaign finance reform
Candidates spend millions of dollars to get elected. Now, reform groups are spending their millions to make sure you know where candidates got their money. [7/5]

Graham goes on attack for Gore
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Bob Graham got to show off his political fastball for the Gore campaign on Monday. [7/4]

McCollum champions bill to quell domestic violence
The Florida Republican dismisses suggestions that the move is in preparation for his bid for the U.S. Senate. [7/3]

Republican hatchet men set their sights on Gore
WASHINGTON -- Willie Horton is back in the news.

A few days at the front
TEXAS GOV. GEORGE W. BUSH: Even renewed controversy over the death penalty doesn't appear to derail the GOP presidential front-runner's campaign.

VICE PRESIDENT AL GORE: In its latest incarnation, his "prosperity and progress" message keeps getting lost amid annoying distractions. [6/25]

Gore's Florida swing boosts party coffers
The Florida Democratic Party got a much-needed financial boost from Vice President Al Gore Saturday night.

Gore challenges Bush to debate soon in Florida
Vice President Al Gore has challenged his opponent, George W. Bush to a debate in the state of Florida on the issue of Social Security in the near future.

Senate GOP primary decided, but not by voters
If you blinked, you missed it. [6/18]

Diplomat backs Gore as a 'friend of Canada'
The election of Al Gore over George W. Bush would be best for Canada, in the opinion of Raymond Chretien, Canadian ambassador to the United States. [6/4]

McCollum's campaign consultant is doing a great job, for Gallagher
Finally, a pulse. [6/4]

Cohen, critical of Bush, invites him to Pentagon briefing
Cohen makes the unusual offer after assailing George W. Bush's national security proposals as dangerous. [5/29]

It takes more than money to win an election
WASHINGTON -- Every time a wealthy guy such as Jon Corzine spends millions of dollars of his own money to run for president, governor or senator, there is a predictable outcry that he is "trying to buy public office."

Reform Party suffers from its squabbling
This ought to be the best of times for the Reform Party. [5/28]

Striving to be the education candidate
Gore and Bush tout school proposals, but educators and experts agree presidents have little say at the local level.

Social Security proposal makes for a good production
George W. Bush threw a match onto a dry presidential campaign last week when he rolled out his proposal to let younger workers divert part of their payroll taxes from Social Security into private retirement accounts. [5/21]

Gore slams Bush on Social Security
Speaking to the AARP, Vice President Al Gore says George W. Bush's plan would "end Social Security as we know it." [5/18]

Both rivals wield Social Security as weapon
The issue could be decisive in Florida, a state with 25 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win, and a big population over 65. [5/16]

GOP race for Senate bid is tale of 2 cities
Rep. Bill McCollum draws on his power in Washington, while Education Commissioner Tom Gallagher is big in Tallahassee. [5/14]

Candidates announce their run for Senate
In the contest for a U.S. Senate seat, Bill McCollum leads in fundraising with $3.4-million. [5/9]

Gore hits Bush on foreign policy
Making a sweeping attack, the vice president takes a strategy lesson from his opponent's father. [5/1]

McCollum hopes to lead hearings
CLEARWATER -- U.S. Senate candidate Bill McCollum lambasted Janet Reno for the weekend raid that snatched Elian Gonzalez, and said Monday he hopes to preside over congressional hearings on the incident. [4/25]

Bush's scandal not as sexy as Clinton's
WASHINGTON -- Eliza May of Austin, Texas, is no Paula Jones or Monica Lewinsky. [4/24]

Clinton takes unprecedented role in Gore's campaign
Few two-term presidents have stumped as energetically as Bill Clinton to get their vice president elected. [4/9]

Al Gore stumbles about as he seeks a stance on Elian
The happiest person in Washington to see Elian Gonzalez's father arrive from Cuba last week should have been Al Gore. [4/9]

Elian? Gore is quiet. Schools? Verbose
TAMPA -- Al Gore pretended it was business as usual Friday in Florida politics. [4/8]

Principal, 2 teachers, 8 students to meet Gore
TAMPA -- Van Buren Middle School was abuzz Thursday. A visitor, students were told, was coming to see their school, to learn about their after-school program and the ways federal dollars are spent at the school. [4/7]

Gore would credit time moms spend at home
His plan for Social Security would also let widows and widowers keep more benefits after their spouses die. [4/5]

The remaking of Hillary -- again
Can a woman who never quite seems to come into focus succeed in New York where politicians have strong identities? [3/26]

By November, it could be the gas pump that defines the election
Gasoline went up another couple of pennies per gallon at the station on the corner the other day. It cost $32 to fill up the Explorer. [3/26]

As Fla. race tightens, Bush refills coffers
George W. Bush swings through to criticize Al Gore and tap a dependable fundraising source. [3/24]

Tim Nickens
Sen. Bob Graham for vice president? It's fun to dream

Let's take a deep breath before we get our Florida ties all in a knot. [3/19]

It's all locked up: Bush vs. Gore
TALLAHASSEE -- On a night when Al Gore could celebrate anywhere, he chose the Lion's Den. [3/15]

With outcome inevitable,
turnout falls to record low

Florida elections officials threw a $6-million party Tuesday, and almost nobody came. [3/15]

The races may be over, but primary goes on
This may be the safest election prediction in state history. [3/14]

An early start on November vote
Tuesday's Florida primary has almost no meaning, but visits by Bush and Gore show that neither is taking the key state for granted in the general election. [3/13]

Sara Fritz
McCain campaign's legacy: Internet outreach

WASHINGTON -- Even though John McCain lost his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, he will be remembered for his innovative use of the Internet as a campaign tool. [3/13]

McCain, Bradley step aside but won't back down
Bill Bradley gives his support to Al Gore, but John McCain holds out on George W. Bush and says he'll be a "force for change" for GOP. [3/10]

Bush brothers stray from middle
The bloom is off the Bush brothers. [3/9]

Next up
The presidential candidates are setting their sights on the next big primary day, March 14, when six Southern states have contests to award 566 Democratic and 341 Republican delegates. [3/8/00]

For McCain, campaign brought elation, regrets
LOS ANGELES -- Watching his popularity wane almost as fast as it had blossomed a little more than a month earlier, Sen. John McCain recently uttered the words that would be a perfect valedictory for his short-lived drive for the Republican presidential nomination. [3/8/00]

It's Bush vs. Gore now
Bradley concedes defeat in Tuesday's votes. McCain takes a few states, but not enough to outlast Bush.

Tonight could wrap it all up
It has been cooking for months, with more spice than the original recipe provided. [3/7/00]

Hollywood backs McCain, even as he denounces it
LOS ANGELES -- Whenever Sen. John McCain condemns the entertainment industry for offering American children a steady diet of "gratuitous violence, pornography and filth," you have to wonder why so many of Hollywood's rich and famous are contributing money to his presidential campaign. [3/7/00]

Courting the
coveted voters

[Times photo: Jamie Francis]
California, New York and the rest of this week's mega-primary states may anoint presidential contenders for both major parties. But a separate battle is still brewing in Florida -- land of pensions and early bird specials. Story

More coverage
Gore counts on blacks who supported Clinton

Some are dragging polls to dangerous depths
LOS ANGELES -- If you were stuck 5 miles from home, would you accept a ride on the back of a motorcycle driven by one of the following men: Al Gore, Bill Bradley, George W. Bush or John McCain? [3/6]

Reagan magic proves elusive
Try as they may, the two GOP candidates fall short of being a "full Reagan," fans of the 40th president conclude. [3/5]

Florida loses its primary importance
TV campaign ads are all but non-existent this primary season because the presidential nods may be locked up by March 14. [3/4/00]

Bush won't apologize for remarks about Bob Jones
Gov. Jeb Bush attempted Friday to clarify his comments concerning his brother's visit to Bob Jones University but did not apologize for saying he would be willing to speak at the controversial South Carolina school. [3/4/00]

Is it too late for a better Bradley?
Fighting rumors that he's ready to drop out, Bill Bradley shares a relaxed, congenial debate with Vice President Gore. [3/2]

Bush gets sweep in GOP contests
ARLINGTON, Va. -- George W. Bush swept past John McCain in three Republican presidential contests Tuesday, buoyed by the religious right and party faithful in Virginia's battleground to fatten his delegate count in advance of next week's 13-state showdown. [3/1/00]

GOP bristles at charge it's out to punish doctors
House Republicans deny that a plan to make a malpractice database public is retaliation against the AMA over patient rights legislation. [3/1/00]

Jeb Bush defends brother's visit to Bob Jones University
Addressing Bob Jones University doesn't mean you buy into their values, he says. In fact, Jeb Bush says he'd speak there, too. [3/1/00]

Bush, McCain: Grand Old Tradition Buoyed by victory in Tuesday's GOP primaries, John McCain appealed to the Republican Party establishment that has been so hostile toward his upstart presidential candidacy: "Don't fear this campaign, my fellow Republicans. Join it. Join it." Story [2/24/00]

Up next in primaries
The presidential candidates are looking to Tuesday, when 16 states and a U.S. territory will hold political contests. Up for grabs are 613 delegates for the Republicans and 1,315 for the Democrats, about 60 percent of the support needed to seal the nominations. [3/1/00]

Private life shaped candidate as much as public
John McCain's campaign for president is built on character, integrity and values. [2/29]

2000 race puts voter apathy in past so far
WASHINGTON -- Search your memory. When was the last time you heard people complain that they were voting for a presidential candidate who's "the lesser evil" in the race? [2/28]

Despite boom, Bush pushes tax cuts
Some economists say the Texas governor is giving a false impression that Americans are struggling under higher tax burdens. [2/27]

Steered to center, Bush zips to right
In the primaries, the GOP was going to position the Texan as a moderate for the fall. But the plans hit an obstacle called McCain. [2/25]

Ups, downs keep GOP race exciting
Al Gore should send John McCain a thank-you note. [2/24/00]

Bush, McCain are heirs to a grand old party split
Buoyed by victory in Tuesday's GOP primaries, John McCain appealed to the Republican Party establishment that has been so hostile toward his upstart presidential candidacy: "Don't fear this campaign, my fellow Republicans. Join it. Join it." [2/24]

Tim Nickens
Ups, downs keep GOP race exciting
Al Gore should send John McCain a thank-you note.

Tim Nickens: Ups, downs keep GOP race exciting
Al Gore should send John McCain a thank-you note. [2/24/00]

McCain strikes back
DOUBLE VICTORY: Democrats, independents propel the senator to a win in Michigan over George W. Bush. His home state of Arizona gives him a landslide. [2/23/00]

Attack calls
Two Republican candidates for president, Texas Gov. George W. Bush and Arizona Sen. John McCain, complained about recorded telephone messages received by Michigan voters that attack their character. Each candidate denied responsibility for the call [2/23/00]

Michigan primary too close to call
Both candidates campaign hard to win the first large state of the primary season today. [2/22]

As battle shifts to Michigan, Bush feels strong
John McCain, who needs the state to reinvigorate his campaign, keeps up the pressure. [2/21]

True to form, S.C. protects the front-runner
COLUMBIA, S.C. -- The fire wall still stands and so does George W. Bush. [2/20]

Even in defeat, McCain changes campaigning
CHARLESTON, S.C. -- There are some idealists who, in recent weeks, started to view Sen. John McCain as the first in a new generation of politicians who -- in the words of Czech President Vaclav Havel -- would have "the courage to go the way one's conscience points." [2/20]

Bush is confident S.C. 'fire wall' can contain McCain
GREENVILLE, S.C. -- Karl Rove, the top strategist for George W. Bush, showed up on the campaign plane Friday morning wearing a firefighter's jacket and helmet. [2/19]

McCain brings back Republican Big Tent
Democrats and independents, the voters who helped elect Reagan, are key for McCain today in S.C. and a threat to Bush. [2/19]

Bush adapts game plan from McCain's playbook
FLORENCE, S.C. -- At Ebenezer Baptist Church Thursday morning, George W. Bush's conversion appeared complete. [2/18/00]

A Character Study
South Carolina has long had folks with peculiar notions of politics. Now, the state's pivotal primary has them in the nation's spotlight. [2/17]

Bush campaign has spent $50-million
Now that he has spent more than any other previous candidate, Bush has only $20-million. Not to worry, he says, he'll raise more. [2/17]

Debate takes nasty turn
COLUMBIA, S.C. -- In a barely controlled debate that revealed the depth of their mutual anger, Gov. George W. Bush and Sen. John McCain lashed into each other's negative campaign tactics Tuesday night, refusing to drop the subject even when the moderator, Larry King, urged them to do so. [2/16]

Latest attacks on McCain carry risk
WASHINGTON -- By opposing Sen. John McCain's bid for the Republican presidential nomination, the National Right to Life Committee appears to be taking an incredibly big -- some might say foolish -- political gamble.

GOP establishment hits trail to keep Bush ahead
Threatened by John McCain's momentum, key Republican leaders and lobbyists are campaigning to ensure their candidate wins. [2/12]

GOP enemy No. 1
WASHINGTON -- It was a moment of reckoning for Sen. John McCain. [2/13]

Done in by Delaware, Forbes folds his tent
In the end, one of the smallest states knocked out the candidate with the biggest wallet. [2/10]

Gore fields voters' 'softball' questions adroitly
Al Gore presents his agenda to friendly listeners in Tampa. He, too, is critical of efforts to replace affirmative action. [2/9]

In Tampa, Bradley takes on Bush
The Democratic presidential candidate says Gov. Jeb Bush's overhaul of affirmative action lacks vision. [2/8]

Bradley opposes Florida's affirmative action overhaul
With both Democratic candidates in the bay area this week, the topic is expected to be a hot one. [2/7]

Tax cut fever gets little rise out of voters
It seems everyone running for office has a plan for the budget surplus, but what are the chances anything will get done? [2/6]

McCain wipes his slate clean
The senator, once afraid the Keating scandal would haunt him to his grave, now shows signs of outliving it. [2/5]

McCain scores landslide
McCain scoops up 49 percent of New Hampshire's GOP vote to Bush's 31 percent. [2/2]

Gore's N.H. win shows he has no time to lose
WASHINGTON -- In a perfect world, Vice President Al Gore would be basking in victory today. [2/2]

Votes on future reflect the past
In the first presidential primary, New Hampshire voters will judge candidates' performances up till now. [2/1]

In N.H., candidates with new tactics pause
HUDSON, N.H. -- On the holiest of football Sundays, even candidates in the Super Bowl of politics call timeouts. [1/31]

New Hampshire: McCain's first -- and last? -- stand
HAMPTON, N.H. -- For John McCain, New Hampshire is a stage on open-mike night. [1/30]

Hatch expected to quit presidential race today
WASHINGTON -- After drawing only 1 percent of the Republican vote in Monday's Iowa caucuses, Sen. Orrin G. Hatch is expected to announce today that he is withdrawing from the presidential race. [1/26]

In N.H., candidates plow on
HUDSON, N.H. -- Finally, something unpredictable after the predictable Iowa caucuses.

Gore, Bush win in Iowa, but Forbes is solid No. 2
By winning, both front-runners do the expected, but Forbes and Keyes do better than some predicted. [1/25]

Up next: a battle for votes, respect in New Hampshire
DES MOINES, Iowa -- Overnight, Iowa turned back into a pumpkin.

Bradley tells of more irregular heartbeat
MOUNT PLEASANT, Iowa -- Bill Bradley said Thursday night that he had suffered four episodes of irregular heartbeat in the past five weeks but said he did not feel it was necessary to disclose them until reporters inquired. [1/21]

Bush calls Supreme Court's 'Roe vs. Wade' decision a reach
PELLA, Iowa -- George W. Bush said Thursday that if the child of a relative or friend were raped and asked him about abortion, he would hope to respond with sympathy and would advise that "it's up to her" whether to have the operation.

Bring down S.C. flag, Democrats demand
DES MOINES, Iowa -- Exactly one week before the Iowa caucuses, the first question Al Gore and Bill Bradley fielded during a debate Monday concerned the Confederate flag flying over the Capitol of South Carolina. [1/18]

Kerrey's waffling has party on edge
The Nebraska Democrat's decision on a re-election bid is a key to his party's attempt to gain control of the Senate. [1/17]

Flag fight entangles McCain and Bush
It seems neither of the GOP hopefuls, nor many S.C. Republicans, are happy the issue has taken on such prominence. [1/16]

Bush family turns out to campaign in New Hampshire
MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Bundled in a coat and bearing a bag of oranges, Gov. Jeb Bush stumped through a wealthy New Hampshire neighborhood Saturday hoping to help his brother win the presidency.

Talk of tax plans dominates Republican debate in Iowa
JOHNSTON, Iowa -- In a campaign in search of a theme, six Republican presidential candidates are trying to create one.

GOP hopefuls swap jabs, jokes
The debate between the six presidential candidates was quite spirited Thursday night. [1/7/00]

Debates may be two-party affairs
WASHINGTON -- The Reform Party's presidential candidate and anyone else other than the Republican and Democratic nominees could well be excluded from televised debates this fall under rules set Thursday by a special debate commission. [1/7/00]

Rep. Fowler won't seek re-election
U.S. Rep. Tillie Fowler, the only Floridian in the House Republican leadership, said Tuesday that she will not seek re-election. [1/5]

Unwatched, campaign has taken shape
Millions have been raised. Candidates have come and gone. And all that happened even before this election year started. [1/3]

Clinton doing all he can to put Gore in his job
WASHINGTON -- Republicans are so convinced that Vice President Al Gore's campaign for president is undermined by his friendship with President Clinton that they have even purchased billboards picturing the two men hugging. [12/20]

GOP's holiday gag gifts don't go over well with Democrats
In the true spirit of the holidays, the Republican National Committee raised money last week for the United Way by selling gag gifts sending up the leading Democratic presidential candidates, Al Gore and Bill Bradley. [12/19]

Bradley can hit the open wallet
Bill Bradley, campaign finance crusader and former basketball star, is also a most valuable fundraiser. [12/15]

At GOP debate, Iowa sees new, relaxed Bush
After stumbling the last two times, the Texas governor gives fresh, even inspirational answers and avoids panicking. [12/14]

Democrats should push for big ideas, Bradley says
The presidential hopeful says the booming economy offers an opportunity to tackle problems. [12/13]

Gore receives endorsement from his boss
ORLANDO -- Bill Clinton and Al Gore are a tag team again. [12/12]

John McCain's uphill battle
EXETER, N.H. -- John McCain walked around the stage at Phillips Exeter Academy as though he owned it, tossing one-liners like candy to the overflow crowd sitting shoulder-to-shoulder on long wooden benches. [12/12]

In Florida, Gore to find relief from N.H. chill
Vice President Al Gore, locked in a tight race with challenger Bill Bradley in New Hampshire, will find a warmer reception this weekend in Florida. [12/10]

Democrats pounce on issues, say party's confusion is over
With the motto, "We're On Your Side," leaders declare a focus on education, gun safety, healthcare and economic benefits.

What's propelling Bradley, McCain?
WASHINGTON -- A favorite parlor game inside the Beltway involves trying to guess why Democratic former Sen. Bill Bradley and GOP Sen. John McCain are having so much success challenging two seemingly entrenched front-runners for their parties' nominations: Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush. [12/6]

Debate does little to change course of Republican race
MANCHESTER, N.H. -- The day after the great debate that wasn't, the world of Republican presidential politics still spun in the same direction. [12/4]

Debaters target criticism at Bush
Five Republican challengers look to trip up the front-runner in his debate debut. [12/3]

Bush's first debate: It's important, but not make-or-break
MANCHESTER, N.H. -- There are rites of passage in all walks of life. [12/2]

Polls as addictive -- and temporary -- as your leftover pie
Opinion polls are addictive. [11/28]

Campaign swings include visit to Internet
This is the first presidential campaign where all of the major candidates are using Web sites to go along with traditional television ads to get their messages out to voters. [11/22]

An updated liberalism gains more acceptance
WASHINGTON -- Just five years after the vaunted Republican revolution put conservatives firmly in control of Congress, there are signs that suggest the political center on Capitol Hill may be turning leftward. Consider these examples: [11/22]

They may be more conservative, but they can't win
Charles Spencer stood in line to get into a George W. Bush fundraiser last week in Jacksonville and acknowledged his own views are more conservative than the Texas governor's. [11/14]

Bush's move fails to dampen race debate
Gov. Jeb Bush's ambitious effort to end race-based preferences in state contracting and university admissions was supposed to pour cold water over a simmering debate about affirmative action.

Forbes, Keyes attack Bush from the right
The candidates tell the Christian Coalition that George W. Bush isn't the man to carry the conservative standard. [11/10]

Gore denies knowing of clemency deal
WASHINGTON -- A newly released memo from a high-level White House staffer surmised that President Clinton could give Vice President Al Gore a boost among Puerto Rican voters by offering clemency to 16 Puerto Rican nationalists. [11/10]

Florida Democratics hand support to Bush
Tampa mayor Dick Greco joins others across the state in jumping party lines to support the Texas governor.

Bradley, Gore health care plans turning out costly, contentious
WASHINGTON -- Bill Bradley's health care plan would cost more than three times as much as Vice President Al Gore's over the next decade but cover only 3-million more uninsured Americans, a new analysis of the competing proposals finds.

Program supporters outnumbered 2-to-1
Next year, voters will be asked to choose a new senator and possibly make a decision about the future of affirmative action in this state. A Times poll shows likely voters favoring a Democrat for the Senate seat and an end to the controversial programs.

Undecideds temper early Nelson lead
Next year, voters will be asked to choose a new senator and possibly make a decision about the future of affirmative action in this state. A Times poll shows likely voters favoring a Democrat for the Senate seat and an end to the controversial programs.

Anxious Floridians in the mood for change
Despite a robust economy, Florida voters are divided over the country's direction, anxious about Social Security, alarmed about gun violence -- and ready to send a Republican to the White House. [11/7]

Most favor switch to the needle
By a substantial margin, Florida voters want to unplug the electric chair and switch to lethal injection. [11/7]

Voters narrowly approve changes
Pinellas voters approve single-member districts for the County Commission. The election has the lowest turnout since '88. [11/3]

Narrow margin okays commission changes
Pinellas County approves single-member districts; the election had one of the lowest voter turnouts in 40 years.

Bush bruised after dive to avoid truck
AUSTIN, Texas -- Gov. George W. Bush, the Republican presidential front-runner, sustained minor injuries to his right leg and hip Monday when he dived to avoid a garbage truck trailer that overturned near his jogging path. [11/2]

Bradley courts Florida, gains lessons
MIAMI -- It's still a tiny dot compared with Iowa and New Hampshire, but Florida is showing up on Bill Bradley's radar screen. [10/30]

Despite cold shoulder, Clinton defends Gore
WASHINGTON -- President Clinton strongly defended Vice President Gore on Thursday, praising his colleague's record even though Gore repeatedly has sought to put some distance between himself and Clinton in his 2000 presidential campaign. [10/29]

No breakthroughs, or front-runner
HANOVER, N.H. -- Republican presidential hopefuls discussed abortion, health care and taxes Thursday night in a generally polite campaign debate spiced by jabs directed by Steve Forbes and Gary Bauer at the absent front-runner, George W. Bush.

Policy dominates Democratic faceoff
Al Gore, right, and Bill Bradley stick to particulars only policy wonks can appreciate, leaving those looking for excitement looking elsewhere.

Reformers might be first among 3rd parties
Okay, let's spend a paragraph laughing at the Reform Party. The fashion of the times demands it. [10/27]

Democrat face-to-face might not be cordial
Bradley could be forced to respond to Gore's attacks at a forum tonight. [10/27]

Trump, Buchanan head for Reform
Saying he may run for president, the millionaire leaves the GOP as the TV commentator prepares to. [10/25]

Tribune makes its argument for debate
If a presidential debate is to be held in Tampa, Tampa Tribune publisher Reid Ashe wants in on it.

Gore vows to block offshore drilling plans
Last month, Vice President Al Gore's staff said he could not say a word about Chevron USA's plans to drill the first-ever producing gas wells off Florida's gulf coast. The law, they said, would not allow him to voice an opinion, even as a private citizen. [10/22]

Dole leaves race, blaming lack of cash
Observers say her campaign foundered not because of her gender but because of her own shortcomings as a candidate. [10/21]

2 U.S. Senate candidates state their case
Gallagher makes his candidacy official, and Logan explains why he'll run as an independent. [10/20]

Tax loophole stirs debate over political contributions
Experts predict millions of dollars will pass through groups with tax-exempt status ahead of the 2000 presidential election. [10/18]

Foes of preferences lack cash
The group seeking an anti-affirmative action amendment in Florida has less than $16,000. [10/15]

Ex-lawmaker wants to return to capital
After living for several years in Tallahassee, former education commissioner and state lawmaker Doug Jamerson plans to return home to St. Petersburg and ask voters to send him right back to the state capital as a state senator. [10/13]

Bipartisan panel pushes reform of redistricting
The plan would give the power to redraw voting districts to an independent commission. [10/12]

Friends help Gore by lining up labor
Winning the support of the AFL-CIO and its millions of members goes a long way in presidential bid.

GOP rally centers on Congress
State lawmakers are proud of their accomplishments in Tallahassee. But as some consider U.S. office, they say they aren't happy with Washington. [10/10]

Integrity must start in the arena of politics
TALLAHASSEE -- In the Capitol this week a group of important people met to talk about public corruption. Mostly, they are public officials who don't have to look too hard to find out why Floridians don't trust many of those who have been elected to office. [10/9]

Pioneering campaigners make cash flow for Bush
The presidential candidate will meet these Florida fundraisers, those who raise at least $100,000, at the state GOP convention. [10/8]

For 2001 speaker, GOP picks Feeney
Republicans select Oviedo lawyer Tom Feeney to lead the House when John Thrasher's term ends in 2001. [10/6]

Gore's taking bows despite no role in awarding grants
WASHINGTON -- As his presidential campaign shifts into high gear, Vice President Al Gore is taking credit for everything from a new dormitory in Gainesville to federal dollars for pig farmers. [10/4]

Logan steps into Senate race as an independent
TALLAHASSEE -- Armed with the media consultant who helped put Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura in office, state Rep. Willie Logan on Wednesday jumped into the race for the seat being vacated by retiring U.S. Sen. Connie Mack. [9/30]

Bradley proposal insures all kids
Bill Bradley's $65-billion-a-year plan would pay all or part of premiums for lower-income children and adults. [9/29]

Quayle exits; McCain boosts field
The size of the field of Republican presidential candidates held steady Monday, yet the quality improved substantially. [9/28]

Texan questioned about role in helping Bush join Guard
AUSTIN, Texas -- Ben Barnes, a former speaker of the Texas House was questioned Monday in a deposition in which he was expected to discuss his role in recommending George W. Bush for a slot in a National Guard unit during the Vietnam War.

The Bradley Buzz
With the timing and skill befitting a former basketball star, Bill Bradley has elevated his game to that of a candidate who has a shot of winning the Democratic presidential nomination. [9/26]

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