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Announcements Information

Print Celebrations announcements are available every Sunday and the price includes an online version of your message, which will appear on our Web site,, for one month.

Two Celebrations announcement sizes are available (see samples) and the number of words will be determined by the size you choose and whether you opt to have a photo included.

Celebrations announcement photos

  1. All Celebrations announcements may include a photo
  2. We will accept black and white and color photographs for reproduction
  3. Please note when deciding on your announcement that the Tampa Bay Times cannot return any submitted photos
  4. Color and amateur photographs are acceptable, however the Times does not reimburse for poor photo reproduction
  5. Minimum size for photographs is 2 inches wide x 2 inches deep
  6. For best reproduction, please submit professional photographs that contain a sharp focus with good contrast (Please note: photos taken with a soft lens appear softer in the paper and are, therefore, not recommended)
  7. Suggested word count for small ad with minimum size photo is 100 to 125. For large size ad 250 to 275 words. Add 25 to 35 more words if no photograph is included.

Please submit factual and accurate copy with your order. While the Times will proof all ads, the advertiser is solely responsible for spelling and the accuracy of the information. No proofs of your announcement will be provided for approval. The Tampa Bay Times reserves the right to revise, edit or reject any or all copy and photographs deemed unsuitable for publication.

All information for your Celebrations announcement, including copy and optional photo, must be submitted with a completed order form and the material must be received no later than Monday, 6 days before your announcement appears in the paper. Announcements can be placed in person at a Times office or submitted by mail. Mailing information is provided on the Celebrations order form.

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