Meet Pam Brown, the Most Important Person in Florida
The most important person in Florida has cats named Mo and Harry and a catfish named Ralph that lives in a backyard pond. Her car radio is tuned to the left of the dial (emphasis on left), she doesn't much care who's quarterbacking the Bucs and it makes her sick how little teachers are paid

Why Pam Brown?
Pam Brown is the woman of David Colburn's dreams.

Why Not Pam Brown?
Not everyone thinks we were looking for the right person when we went looking for Pam Brown. Among the dissenters is former state Sen. Curt Kiser, who says the baby boomer forecast is as revelatory as predicting that the sun will rise in the east.

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 The Coin of Life
A former high school valedictorian reflects on the predictions she made 10 years ago

From November 28, 1999: 25 Who Mattered

25 who matteredLet's start with what they are not.

They are not the important people in Florida history, nor are they the most powerful. Most are not heroes. Some will never be mentioned in the history books. A few are not even likable or admirable people.

But they all mattered. For better or worse, in ways large and small, the people featured in this issue of Turn made a difference in the life of the state. Stories

Wrong Turn: A Southern sheriff's law and disorder
To the "good people" of Lake County -- bankers, grove owners, white people in general -- Sheriff Willis V. McCall was the law. The rest of the people were on their own.

From October 31, 1999: The Land

Illusions of grandeur
He didn't promise to turn water into wine, but he might as well have. In the '60s, there were plenty of disciples thirsting to cash in on the Next Big Thing.x
One last shot at beauty
An interview with nature photographer John Moran

From September 19, 1999: A look back

The rage of a
young white rebel

When racial violence erupted at Dixie Hollins High School in 1971, a Times photographer captured an image of a young man in all his defiant fury. Who was he? Did he learn anything from what happened? Did any of us? (From September 19, 1999)


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