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Paradise Found 4
I am stuck in traffic and couldn't be happier. The sky is blue, the palm trees are fluttering, the top is down.

From November 28, 1999: 25 Who Mattered

Paradise Found III
Underappreciated experiences in Tampa Bay

From October 31, 1999: The Land

Mystery circle
 The surveyor and the archaeologists stood back and absorbed what they had uncovered. • There it was: a series of holes in the limestone arranged in a perfect circle. • There it was: the footprint of an ancient Indian council house. Or the remains of the American Stonehenge. Or maybe -- someone would suggest this -- an alien landing pad. • There it was: a story written in stone.

Digging ourselves into a hole
Built in the wrong century for the wrong reasons with the wrong numbers to justify it, the Cross Florida Barge Canal will forever stand as one of the biggest blunders in Florida history, one that permanently altered the state's landscape.

Paradise found II
Someday -- and that day may come soon, perhaps before the end of hurricane season on Nov. 30 -- you will experience what it means to shop not for taste but for survival. On that day you will find yourself in the supermarket with a cart full of peanuts and a heart full of dread.

From September 19, 1999: A look back

The downside of upside down
Paris has a broad, tree-lined boulevard, the Champs Elysees. It leads to the magnificent Arc de Triomphe.

St. Petersburg has a broad, tree-lined boulevard, too. It leads to a puzzling little piece of comic relief called The Pier.

Paradise found I
Along with the pungent chili, the grilled hot dogs and the milkshakes, the Coney Island Sandwich Shop serves up a heaping plate of rules. You won't see them in the fine print anywhere, but certain things are understood.

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