Tampa Bay 21000What will the world be like in a hundred years?

  • Tampa Bay, 2100
    St. Petersburg and Tampa erupt in bitter war of words and rival newspaper editorials over which side gets to host the Robot Olympics.
  • Gender relations
    Self-help books are scanned directly into the brain. Married people power-walk away from spouses who refuse to communicate in a planetary language (Venusian or Martian) they understand.
  • Popular Culture
    Mugs and Movies of Weaver, Ala., becomes the last U.S. theater to embrace digital cinema technology, allowing the venue to download pristine movie copies from the Turner 7 satellite.
  • Business
    Bank of the Globe, still headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., acquires its last competitor and announces new customer fee policy: Give us your money and go away.
  • Race relations
    The stalling of a long-running boom economy has produced a new, meaner breed of "angry white males" who are determined to send all blacks back to Africa or Haiti.
  • Sports
    Sports television shows are broadcast holographically. A miniature image of the entire football field (for example) is projected into an empty space in the living room.
  • The Drawing
    News item 2014: Florida adopts a more humane form of execution.

From November 28, 1999: 25 Who Mattered

Q & A with Sister Anne Dougherty
Sister Anne Dougherty, a Franciscan nun, founded Tampa's Francis House in 1989 as a support center for people with HIV and AIDS.

From October 31, 1999: The Land

Fox, run!
Novelist Carl Hiaasen has said -- not cheerfully -- that Florida developers tend to name subdivisions for the animals their bulldozers leave homeless. With that in mind, we asked Tampa Bay residents if they have ever seen the critters after which their developments are named.
From September 19, 1999: A look back

The shape of this old town
A conversation on the soul-stirring open-air post office, the nightmare of U.S. 19, and St. Petersburg (could it be the future jewel of Tampa Bay?)

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