Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an independent distributor?
An independent distributor is a self-employed businessperson who negotiates and signs a contract to provide agreed upon results. An independent distributor is not an employee of the Times Publishing Company. As an independent business person, the distributor controls the operation of his or her own business and can provide his or her services to the public at large, including competitors of the Times. The distributor hires employees and assistants if he or she wants them and is solely responsible for paying and supervising them.

Q. Are there any benefits?
An independent distributor is not an employee of the Times Publishing Company and does not receive employee benefits such as health insurance.

Q. How much can I earn?
What an independent distributor can earn is based on the number of newspapers delivered or sold and how any expenses involved in providing these results are managed. The profit potential of any delivery area can be maximized by providing excellent delivery results and by increasing the customer base.

Q. When would I get paid?
Home Delivery distributors receive a fee for delivery and are paid weekly by check. Retail Marketing distributors enjoy a buy/sell relationship and profits are derived weekly through collections of retail accounts and news racks by the distributor.

Q. What are the hours?
Independent distributors set their own hours. The newspapers are made available for pick-up during a certain window of time each morning. The pick-up window varies by delivery center but is usually a few hours between midnight and 4:30 a.m. The distributor is asked to agree to provide delivery results by 6:00 a.m. daily and 7:00 a.m. Sunday.

Q. Where would I pick up the papers?
Delivery centers are located throughout the St. Petersburg Times’ delivery area.

Q. How many papers would I deliver?
The number of newspapers varies by delivery area. If you are interested in entering an independent distributor relationship with the St. Petersburg Times, we can discuss with you the specifics about available delivery areas.

If you are interested in an opportunity to start or grow your own business, consider an independent distributor relationship with the St. Petersburg Times and tell us about yourself.

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