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Gore 267
Bush 271

270 votes needed for election
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  • Bush Pledges Iraq Arms Hunt Will Continue
  • 'Partial Birth' Abortion Ban Passes House
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    A bit of reshaping goes on every night at a big newspaper. Late news can send reporters and editors scrambling to freshen the news for readers -- but usually in subtle, little-noticed touches. As this year’s election results unfolded, the story of Gore vs. Bush made journalists react in ways that were as obvious as, well, 6-inch type on the front page.

    Below are the first three editions of the paper from election night and the front page of the Extra Edition that was published at 5 a.m.

    Photo Finish Florida Finish
    Bush Wins Recount
    Below are some of the front pages from other memorable days in the process.
    Bush Wins Bush Wins
    Bush Wins Bush Wins
    commemorative edition
    Long run to the White House
    An electoral timeline

    And now, back to the other news
    Other news of the past 5 weeks

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    Here are the reporters and editors who covered the election for the Times.
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