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Multimedia Reports

Gulf & Bay Special Reports
Photo galleries, interactive graphics and video reports.

  • May 23, 2007
    There is no boat that will do everything. This introduction to boat buying will help you get started.
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  • Feburary 23, 2007
    Fine folk and big tails
    Yarns about people mingling with nature spring to life on the Hillsborough River. Tales of people, nature come alive while floating on the Hillsborough River. Go to article and audio slideshow
  • May 5, 2006
    The Last mission of the Oriskany
    The USS Oriskany will be sunk off the coast of Pensacola on May 17. The carrier, built at the end of World War II, served during the Korean and Vietnam wars. As part of a new Navy program she will remain largely intact in about 200 feet of water and serve as an artificial reef.
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  • March 3, 2006
    Shipshape for spring
    March 20 is the first day of spring and the unofficial start of the 2006 boating season.
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  • April 7, 2006
    Life history of the seatrout
    Spotted seatrout are not one of the most popular sport fish in Florida. But to help assure spotted seatrout stocks remain healthy, biologists in St. Petersburg are working to understand how they reproduce.
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  • January 7, 2005
    Life Saving Technogy
    Winter is the deadliest time of year for mariners in the Gulf of Mexico. But powerboaters and sailors can increase their chance of survival when disaster strikes by carrying the necessary safety equipment.
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  • August 5, 2005
    Shark Encounters
    Recent shark attacks were sudden, violent, horrifying – and they happened at popular tourist spots, which has heightened the huge interest in them.
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  • February 4, 2005
    A Guide to Veterrans Reef
    The reef construction program partnered with the Hurricane Pass Anglers Club and worked for several years to make Pinellas County's 11th artificial reef a reality.

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  • March 4, 2005
    Florida's lighthouses
    As if by divine intervention, the sun provides the candlepower for the abandoned Cape St. George Lighthouse on St. George Island, the southern barrier of Apalachicola Bay.
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    map of Florida lighthouses
  • July 1, 2005
    Beauty on the Beach
    Various shells you can find on Florida's west coast photographed at Sunset Beach, Tarpon Springs.
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  • January 2, 2004
    The Know-How of Knotting
    It doesn't matter if you are an angler, sailor or powerboater, sooner or later you will have to depend on a good, strong knot.
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  • February 6, 2004
    The sheepshead can be found in most gulf waters inshore most of the year. Sheepshead are somewhat difficult to clean, but it’s worth the effort. They are one of the best tasting local fish.
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  • March 5, 2004
    Guide to wind & surf
    With temperatures on the rise there is no better time to get out and try two of the fastest-growing watersports, windsurfing and kitesurfing.
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April 2, 2004
One of the most popular inshore gamefish, red drum, commonly called redfish, are prized for their fighting prowess and value as table fair.
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Now is the time to prepare your boat for the spring season.
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  • May 7, 2004
    Treasure hunt
    You won’t find precious jewels or gold bullion on these shipwrecks. But the deep wrecks of the Gulf of Mexico have their own hidden treasures: grouper, snapper, amberjack and shark, just waiting for the intrepid angler or spearfisherman.
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  • June 4, 2004
    Snook City
    The common snook, largest of the four species found in Florida waters, is prized for its fighting ability and table fare.
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  • July 2, 2004
    An almost definitive guide to the Florida Keys
    The Florida Keys are paradise for everyone, from beach bums to watersports fanatics, from serious shoppers to those seeking and island escape. We set aside four days and drove 102 miles from the top of the Keys to Key West.
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  • August 6, 2004
    Mariner's Guide
    to Gulf Weather
    Few people are affected more by weather than the mariner. An unexpected change in winds, seas or visibility can reduce the efficiency of marine operations and threaten the safety of a vessel and its crew.
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  • September 6, 2004
    Boat safety
    Labor Day weekend is the perfect holiday to celebrate owning a boat. Invitations to friends and family for a sunset cruise or anchoring up to your favorite barrier island to fish. Before this weekend starts, all boaters amateur or experienced should take the time to review a few basics in boating safety.
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  • October 1, 2004
    Saltwater Fly-Fishing 101
    Fly-fishing enthusiasts can trace their lineage to the time of Christ. Yet despite the rich history, fly-rodding, especially in salt water, is still considered an oddity in some fishing circles. But it need not be. Go to Story
  • November 5, 2004
    At the Height of Sailing
    The tall ship Unicorn has traveled around the world in several reincarnations, the latest a floating learning center for sailors and corporate CEOs alike.
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  • December 3, 2004
    STOKED! December marks the beginning of Florida's west coast surfing season. Get the basics on the boards, gear, locations and technique.
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  • January 3, 2003
    Grabbing Grouper
    Grouper don't stray far from structure, especially in the winter when cooler water temperatures slow down the metabolism of these bottom dwellers.
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  • February 7, 2003
    Shrimp Tales
    Ask a fisherman to name the most versatile inshore bait and, nine out of 10 times, pink shrimp will be the answer.
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  • March 7, 2003
    Pinellas County has one of the state's best artificial reefs program and our coast is littered with wrecks that make for great divins and fishing spots.
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  • April 4, 2003
    King Mackerel
    Running with the King Mackerel. Anglers up and down the west coast of Florida have been waiting all winter for kingfish to return. The wait is over.
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  • June 6, 2003
    For nearly 100 years, Boca Grande Pass has been a popular destination for anglers seeking Tarpon.
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  • July 4, 2003
    Scuba divers and snorklers across Florida are counting down the days until the two-day "sportsman" or miniseason for lobster.
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  • August 1, 2003
    Blue Water Fishing
    The lure of blue water Veteran anglers say the blue-water fishing off the Suncoast is one of the Tampa Bay area's best-kept secrets.
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  • September 5, 2003
    All operators should know the different parts of a vessel. There are many types of water craft, but the terms are basically the same.
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  • October 3, 2003
    Whether you are going fishing or just heading out to one of our local barrier islands, it's always good to know where you can find food, fuel and ice.
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  • November 7, 2003
    Sea Bass
    Most anglers will agree that nothing beats the sound of a big spotted seatrout hitting a top-water plug on a cold November morning.
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  • December 5, 2003
    Terminal Tackle
    Whether you’re a novice angler or an International Game Fish Association record holder, one item that is common is terminal tackle.
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