The "Empires of Mystery” exhibit at the Florida International Museum in St. Petersburg displayed 300 artifacts, offering a glimpse of civilizations that flourished and died over thousands of years in Peru.

The exhibit opened in October 1998 and closed on May 16, 1999.

Over thousands of years in Peru, an amazing array of civilizations flourished, died, rose and died again.
Unraveling the mysteries
Financial gyrations nearly closed the Florida International Museum, but now it’s sitting pretty.
Museum back in the black --
for now
The basics: How to get to the museum, what it costs, where to get tickets.
If you go

More museums, much to see

In Peru today, you can find evidence of culture dating to 2000 B.C. Tourism threatens to leave its mark.
Peru’s past shapes its present
Photos of some of the items that will be on display in the 19 galleries.
The path to Peru

Piecing together Peru's past

One gallery will be devoted to displaying smuggled artifacts seized by U.S. Customs inspectors at Miami International Airport.
Customs uncovers objects archaeologists
had missed
They’re really a nice lot, once you get to know them.
Despite their bad rap, mummies are really very chummy
Hungry? Check out nearby restaurants, including some that have added special Peruvian dishes.
Downtown menus add
Peruvian flair
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