Making the Grade: Grading Florida's public schools

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Florida school grades in
The news is a little better for schools around Tampa Bay and the North Suncoast, where there were no school failures.
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How bay area schools scored
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FCAT scores halt voucher plan
Florida's F-rated schools did well enough on the state's writing test to make their students ineligible for vouchers next year. [6/20/00]

Grade A schools may find it tough
Florida's system for grading schools might make it hard to get high grades two years in a row. [7/11]

Cleveland's C is a mark of success
Cleveland Elementary School in Hillsborough County got one of the higher grades among schools with high concentrations of poor students. [7/11]

With scores in, schools question state criteria
TAMPA -- Assistant principal Kathy Stokes couldn't wait to celebrate the new grades the state was awarding to its public schools. She knew her school, Brooker Elementary in Brandon, had what it took to get an A. . [7/4/99]

Schools use grades to address needs
Students who brought schools down from a B grade to a C on the state's grading system will get extra attention to help them improve. [7/4/99]

Are high school grads prepared?
Some educators think the emphasis on college minimizes vocational training, lessons that legions of students in Pinellas will need.

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