And you can let that someone special know how much you care with a Valentine Message in the St. Petersburg Times Classified section. For as little as $5 you can send your own personalized message to that special someone in your life - spouse, sibling, child, relative, friend or even your pet. Your message will appear on Valentine's Day in both the Classified section of the Times as well as on our Web site (

And that's not all. When you place your Valentine Message, we will send you a postcard to send to the person - or pet - for whom your message is intended, telling him or her to look in the paper or on our web site. So whether it is an uncle, grandparent, friend, co-worker or anyone you care about, show your appreciation with a special Valentine Message.

The deadline for your Valentine Messages order
is Monday, February 12 at noon

to come back and visit our website on February 14th through the 17th to view your Valentine Messages.